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65 Order Toll Free! Call 1.800.345.6296 / w: jwpepper.com / e: satisfaction@jwpepper.com JAZZ ENSEMBLE Go to cart JAZZ/ROCK & FUNK medium / medium-advanced & advanced 4 We, Too—Bret Zvacek. We, Too is a bluesy rocker in the style of the great Thad Jones. This one features great ensemble writing, a burning groove and plenty of solo space. The full ensemble "horns only" sections are a real highlight! Highly recommended! 10882598 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . 52.00 You Can Leave Your Hat On—Randy Newman/ arr. David Samuel. Randy Newman tunes are always fun and creative, and Joe Cocker made this one even more fun! This salty and rockin' blues tune makes a jazz ensemble arrangement that has plenty of big hits and excitement. It features all the horn licks you remember, along with a smoky groove in the rhythm section, and also has room for your soloists to stretch out in the key of B-flat. A delightful change of pace! 10752095 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . 65.00 Jazz/Rock & Funk Medium-Advanced & Advanced Absoludicrous—Gordon Goodwin. More accessible than most Gordon Goodwin charts, this one is a killer funk tune that is unbelievably exciting! Your jazz band players and audiences will dig the poppin' rhythmic figures, the funky style, outstanding ensemble passages and the high energy. It lays well at around 120 bpm and has written or improvised solos for alto/bari, tenor, trumpet, and trombone. Electric piano will sound great on the funky piano introduction, the lead trumpet range is up to written high C, and optional auxiliary percussion, flute and vibes parts are included. Highly recommended! It's Absoludicrous! 10513903 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 52.00 H Backrow Politics—Gordon Goodwin. As performed by Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band, here's a showcase for the trumpet section! The groove is straight eighths with a funky feel and there's solo space for all trumpets, but the solos can be tailored as desired. The lead trumpet range is to a written high G with an optional A. This is a dynamic and fun chart and will be a real kick for the band (especially the trumpets) and audience. 10028193 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . A 70.00 Beneath the Mask—Bob Washut. Bob Washut's Beneath the Mask is a very enjoyable, somewhat ECM-style chart for proficient groups that features an even-eighth jazz waltz style that highlights lead alto and guitar and/or piano on extended improvised solos. While trading 3/4 against 4/4 polyrhythms, this outstanding original contains tons of musical content with soaring ensemble passages, dynamic contouring and rhythmic interest. The lead trumpet player is showcased with some soaring lyrical lines, and all trumpets double on flugelhorn. This is a colorful chart that will definitely be a favorite for better groups! 10595112 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . A 60.00 l Black Cow—Walter Becker & Donald Fagan/ arr. Mike Tomaro. From the landmark album Aja, recorded by Steely Dan in 1977, here is an outstanding version for big band set in a moderate funk style. The chart opens with a duet for tenor and trombone, followed by distinctive horn riffs scored for the entire ensemble, and solos for piano and tenor sax. 10931672 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 55.00 4 Bodhisattva—Becker & Fagan/arr. Fred Sturm. With its powerful and exciting ensemble passages, this electrifying Fred Sturm arrangement of the Steely Dan classic will wow your audience. It features a 16-bar open solo section allowing for any of your wind or rhythm players to get down over solid ensemble backgrounds that keep rocking behind the soloists. Don't miss the stop-time section after the solos. Hip-hop in 3/2 has never been this exciting! 10910574 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . A 55.00 Bodysnatchers—Radiohead/arr. Fred Sturm. Bodysnatchers was released in 2007 on Radiohead's In Rainbows album. Fred Sturm's powerful arrangement captures the raw passion of Radiohead's version with unique harmonic variations, textural manipulation, and expansion of the original's form. Soprano sax is the featured soloist. Count on this chart to showcase the energy of your ensemble! 10289308 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 75.00 H Bohemian Rhapsody—Freddie Mercury/arr. Rick Hirsch. Yes, this is for real! Queen's magnum opus, in a jazz language, orchestrated for big band, with jazz solos for Trombone (also cued in Trumpet 5/ Flugelhorn) and Alto or Baritone Sax thrown in for good measure. Additional features include multiple tempos and feels ranging from 76 to 304 bpm, to styles including an a cappella sax soli introduction, jazz ballad with double time, shuffle, and swing sections culminating in a rubato ending. This is a major work for jazz ensemble at 9 to 10 minutes that students and players will want to work on. Solid saxophone parts, tempo changes, mature brass figures, and a whole lot of fun! Instrumentation: 5 Saxes (AATTB), 5 Trumpets (on Flugelhorns), 4 Trombones (3 Tenors and 1 Bass), Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums, with optional parts for Flute and Vibes. The lead trumpet range goes to written high D with an optional F, and the rhythm section parts are fully notated. 10371013 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . A 70.00 Chameleon—Herbie Hancock/arr. Alan Baylock. What a combination! Composed by Grammy winner and jazz legend Herbie Hancock and arranged by Alan Baylock, this jazz classic is both funky and hip. There's open solo space for all and the lead trumpet goes up to written D plus a few hot drum fills. This is another great Baylock chart. Got to have this one! 10049738 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 60.00 Cold Duck Time—Eddie Harris/arr. Alan Baylock. Alan Baylock's chart on this Eddie Harris jazz classic is exciting from the very first note. This updated and contemporary version features a straight-eighth boogaloo groove at about 120 bpm. There's a written or ad lib tenor sax solo provided, the lead trumpet range is to written C above the staff, and optional flute and vibes parts are included. Players, audiences and judges will dig this outstanding chart! 10513936 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 60.00 Come On, Come Over—Jaco Pastorius & Bob Herzog/arr. Mark Taylor. This funk classic from Jaco Pastorius naturally features a prominent role for the bass player. Skillfully arranged for full jazz ensemble, the back-and-forth riffs are traded between smaller groups within the band. Also featured is a solo for alto sax along with plenty of hard-hitting figures for the brass. A suggested solo, chord/scale sheets in all keys, written-out bass lines and piano voicings are all included. 10522910 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 50.00 Edge of the Earth—Jeff Jarvis. This exciting chart has a driving 12/8 funk feel that is sure to engage your jazz ensemble and its audiences with its relentless intensity, but without excessive brass ranges with the trumpets going to D6 and trombones to G4. The harmonies are sturdy and the melodies are memorable with all sections having interesting, well-articulated parts along with solo space for guitar and piano. 10604652 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 52.00 Farandole (L'Arlesienne Suite No. 2)—Bizet/ arr. Bob James/adpt. Chris Sharp. Bob James of TV's "Taxi" fame delivers this inventive tale on Georges Bizet's Farandole (from L'Arlesienne Suite No. 2) and Chris Sharp has adapted it for big band. The contemporary funk style is captivating and the chart is an exciting trip for the entire ensemble! There's a flute double in the alto 1 part and the solo space is reserved for guitar and flute/alto sax. An excellent choice for accomplished high school or collegiate ensembles and adult community bands. 10910614 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 60.00 Fool Me Once—Gordon Goodwin. Fool Me Once is a very funky original by the great Gordon Goodwin, written at a more accessible grade level. This chart is played at around 160 bpm, the lead trumpet range is to written A, and optional parts are included for expanded instrumentations. There are suggested written solos provided for alto, tenor, bari, trumpets 1 and 2, and trombones 1 and 2. Here's a captivating chart with a quirky funk groove! 10593785 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 52.00 Footprints—Wayne Shorter/arr. Mike Tomaro. Recorded by Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter's hypnotic minor blues has become a true jazz classic and required literature for jazz musicians. Arranged here using a medium straight-eighth-note groove, this chart makes effective use of all the sections or the ensemble and includes a flexible solo section for any player. Including suggested solos, chord/scale sheets in all keys, written bass lines and piano voicings, this one will be fun to learn, rehearse and perform! 10522918 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 50.00 Funk Tank—Lars Halle. In the spirit of Frank Mantooth and Ashley Alexander, this funk chart provides each section of the band with exciting and distinctive roles that come together and meld into a funky, backbeat groove with a nod to the jazz/ rock fusion era. The feel is half-time, funk/hip-hop with swing eighth notes, it has a great melody that cooks within every section, and includes nice contrast with a trumpet soli before returning to the melody. Written for advancing groups, it includes a written or improvised alto saxophone solo, an optional vibes part, and a guitar chord chart. Pure fun and excitement! 10568022 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 52.00 l Funketabout It!—Steve Briody. This industrial strength funk chart is fun to play and audiences will dig it too! The groove is set by bari sax, bass trombone, and bass, and from there you can just Funketabout It! Suggested solos are included or soloists can improvise on the provided chord changes. Don't forget about this one! 10882834 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 55.00 4 Games—Kris Berg. Games is a ferocious funk/ fusion chart with a double-time swing bridge. This exciting modern chart features slap bass and solos for alto 1 and guitar. The chart roars to a big ending that will leave folks speechless. There are no woodwind doubles and lead trumpet goes to F. Included is an optional lead trumpet part as played by Wayne Bergeron. Recorded by Kris Berg and The Metroplexity Big Band on This Time/Last Year, featuring Wayne Bergeron. 10875709 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . A 65.00 H Groove Merchant—Jerome Richardson/arr. Thad Jones. Listed in Teaching Music through Performance in Jazz and recorded by the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra on their Central Park North album, this great collaboration between Jerome Richardson and Thad Jones has become an established standard for better bands. It's a mighty swinger with an edgy melody line, contemporary voicings, and lots of section work that's guaranteed to bring an audience to their feet. Changes for the open solo section are provided for soprano or alto saxes, trumpet, trombone, piano and guitar. The rhythm section parts are partially notated with chords cued. 2087823 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . A 60.00 H Hunting Wabbits—Gordon Goodwin. Gordon Goodwin's tongue-in-cheek tribute to cartoons is stellar! The mixing of "legitimate" and swing styles makes this chart a showstopper. Soprano sax leads the saxes throughout, and some feisty unaccompanied sections will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. There's solo space for soprano, tenor, trumpet and trombone, along with percussion parts and an optional synthesizer part for the piano player. 2701978 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 70.00 Solidify your rhythm section! RHYTHM SECTION WORKSHOP for JAZZ DIRECTORS Shelly Berg, Lou Fischer, Fred Hamilton & Steve Houghton. The energy core of any jazz ensemble or small group is the rhythm section! It radiates the groove, time and essence of the music. This outstanding and comprehensive series includes introductions, explanations, and instructions on the essential elements of performance, such as style, performance tips, and genres required for the solid understanding of what is required of a successful member of this vital part of the jazz group. There is also a play- along piece at the end of each chapter for reinforcement and further development of appropriate skills. The seven genres covered in this excellent method for your rhythm section are: swing, Bossa Nova, rock, shuffle, samba, funk and ballad. Additional topics include: volume, knowing when not to play, how to keep time as a rhythm section, and effective comping. Each student book includes reproducible pages and a compact disc. The optional DVD is included with the complete set and is also available separately. The CD offers examples of jazz grooves, complex rhythms, and accompaniment tracks for the play-alongs. Demonstrations of the examples are effectively presented by a driving rhythm section on the DVD. The complete kit includes: the Training Kit plus Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Supplemental Melody Book, and Director's Book with CD and DVD. Each book is authored by a professional musician and teacher in the respective performance area. The entire jazz ensemble will reap huge rewards when the rhythm section plays as a cohesive unit and comprehends the elements of the chart being performed! Very highly recommended! 2480209 Piano Book/CD . . . . . . 9.99 2480212 Guitar Book/CD . . . . . . 9.99 2480210 Bass Book/CD . . . . . . . 9.99 2480211 Drum Set Book/CD . . . 9.99 2480213 Melody Supplement Book/CD . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99 2481924 Complete Kit . . . . . . . 79.99 2480208 Score Book/DVD . . . . 40.99 " You guys rock!" — Lisa Butts, Band Director Hanford West High School Hanford, CA

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