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Narrations 60 1. WHO IS JESUS? (Music begins) Who is Jesus? Millions have asked this question from the time he walked the earth to the present. Was he merely a prophet or a teacher? Or was he the Messiah, the Son of God? The Bible gives few details of his life, leaving us to search for clues about the man and his legacy. Tonight, we gather to remember his life and death on the cross, and to seek answers to the ques- tion: Who is Jesus? (On cue, measure 43) He was born in a stable and grew up as the son of a carpenter. A child prodigy, he discussed theology with priests at age 12. His life was cut short when he died on a cross, scorned by those who mocked his teachings. 2. I WANT JESUS TO WALK WITH ME (Music begins, start narration on cue, measure 2) Who is Jesus? The Bible refers to Jesus as "The Good Shepherd." During his ministry, he was immensely popular, attracting crowds wherever he went. People walked for miles just to be near him and to hear him speak. In preparation for the final Passover of his life, Jesus walked the road to Jerusalem. Throngs of people cheered and shouted praises as they walked with him...a flock, following in the footsteps of their shepherd. 3. THE WELCOME TABLE (Music begins, start narration on cue, measure 2) Who is Jesus? To those close to him he was a loving, devoted friend. To others, he was a man of compassion, healing the broken and comforting the afflicted. During his last week in Jerusalem, Jesus gathered with his twelve apostles to share the Passover meal. Knowing he would soon be leaving, he assured them that he was going to prepare a place for them – a table in heaven where they would once again share the bread and the cup – for all eternity. Who Is Jesus? - Narrations For Preview Only

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