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Christmas Musicals for Church

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COMPANION MATERIALS PHYSICAL UPC# DIGITAL UPC# Choral Book 080689630170 080689453182 Listening Trax 080689452574 080689454189 Accompaniment Trax (Split) 080689037689 080689455186 Accompaniment Trax (Split) (2 discs) 080689044687 080689673184 with Narrator -&- with Narrator and Little Girl Accompaniment Trax (Stereo) 080689456183 Accompaniment Video 080689666094 080689464188 DVD Preview Pak 080689673399 Bulk CDs (10-pak)* 080689926723 Orchestration 080689581670 080689461187 Chord Charts/Lead Sheets 080689462184 Stem Mixes 080689873140 080689463181 PracticeTrax 080689785023 080689457180 (Soprano) 080689458187 (Alto) 080689459184 (Tenor) 080689460180 (Bass) Promotional Media Kit 080689651779 080689688188 Posters (12-pak) 080689612770 Bulletins (100-pak) 080689613777 *This package of 10 Listening CDs provides an inexpensive way for your choir members to have their own copy of the recording. For digital availability of these and other products, go to ORCHESTRATION INSTRUMENTATION This symbol indicates a rehearsal point on the Accompaniment Trax. Selecting a given track number will start the accompaniment track at the corresponding music section indicated in the book. Possession of a CCLI license does not give you permission to make any copy of the music contained in this book. If you are unsure as to what rights you do have to copy under a CCLI license or if you want information about CCLI, please call 1-800-234-2446. Score Flute 1, 2 Oboe Clarinet 1, 2 Horn 1, 2 Trumpet 1, 2 Trumpet 3 Trombone 1, 2 Trombone 3/Tuba Percussion 1, 2, 3 Harp Rhythm Violin 1, 2 Viola Cello String Bass Clarinet 3 (doubles Viola) Bass Clarinet (doubles String Bass) Bassoon (doubles Cello) Soprano Sax (doubles Oboe) Alto Sax 1, 2 (doubles Horn 1, 2) Tenor Sax/Baritone TC (doubles Trombone 1, 2) Baritone Sax (doubles Tuba) Violin 1, 2 (Simplified) Viola (Simplified) String Reduction Lead Sheet Chord Chart Instrumentation may vary song by song Edited & Engraved by MICHAEL FRAZIER ARRANGED AND ORCHESTRATED BY MARTY PARKS WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS Celebrating the Heart of the Season LARGE PRINT, NO REPEATS, PERFECT FOR ANY CHOIR Performance Time: Approximately 36 Minutes For Preview Only

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