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94 630170-94 94 630170-94 WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS Production Notes SUMMARY We're counting down the days to Christmas — that most wonderful time of the year! And somehow, it always feels so much longer than the actual 364 days it takes for that special day to arrive… that one day each year when family and friends come together to celebrate the joy, peace, hope, and love that came into our world through the birth of our Savior! Featuring a heartwarming story of a letter found in an old family Bible, Waiting for Christmas introduces a young girl named Sarah writing to her "Nana", expressing her joy and delight as she anticipates the holiday and, once again, getting the family together at Christmastime. The memories of past Christmases combined with the expectation of precious new memories yet to be made create a vivid backdrop for sharing the real reason for the season… Jesus! Waiting for Christmas is a delightful, nostalgic, and heartfelt musical that brings all that anticipation into focus and ushers in the season for your choir and congregation. CAST SARAH: A bright 12-year-old who writes a heartfelt letter to her Nana anticipating the upcoming Christmas visit and reminiscing about Christmases past. NANA: (non-speaking) Grandmother who lovingly reads Sarah's letter. NARRATOR: Ideally an adult; this actor (or perhaps a choir member) will be onstage and visible throughout the musical. The lines should be delivered in a warm and engaging manner, more of a welcoming "host" than a formal narrator. Memorization of lines (while not absolutely essential) would greatly aid in the impact of this presentation's message. STAGING Waiting for Christmas can be meaningful as a simple presentation or as a staged musical. For the drama portions of this musical, decorate sections of the stage for Nana's and Sarah's homes with bright holiday decorations and Christmas trees. Warmly light their areas of the stage for a cozy feel. Ideas to heighten the impact of this work: • Consider placing Sarah (the young girl) at a desk or writing table on one side of your stage, while Nana (the grandmother) takes her place, in a rocking chair, on the opposite side. Sarah could then speak aloud or read her lines as she pretends to write, while Nana reads the letter. For Preview Only

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