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145 Order Toll Free! Call 1.800.345.6296 / w: jwpepper.com / e: satisfaction@jwpepper.com Go to cart Basic Training for Bells—Venita MacGorman. This 2-3 octave collection introduces the essential skills needed for ringing handbells and handchimes, presenting rote exercises for the ringers to drill each new skill. Music throughout the book, arranged in both two and three octave versions, includes hymn arrangements, classical transcriptions and original pieces. The music provides all ringers the opportunity to put each newly learned technique into practice. 8063965 2/3 Octave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95 Beginning Busy Ringers (First Lessons for the Younger Beginning Ringer)—Kirtsy Mitchell. Teaching music with chimes or bells from the very beginning has never been more fun! This reproducible teachers edition contains 56 pages of music, exercises, teaching pages, puzzles, and games that are perfectly geared to children's bell choirs. Creative and educationally sound, it is nicely paced to keep children involved and still bring them to a level of proficiency that will give them a sense of real accomplishment. 10040610 3 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . . 29.95 l Building a Successful Handbell or Handchime Choir—Nancy Jessup. This landmark book offers up-to-date information and will be your go-to resource to help prepare your new or existing ensemble to make music. Subjects covered include adjusting, cleaning and maintaining handbells; planning and identifying needs and numbers; assignments; finding and training ringers; choosing literature; rehearsal techniques; conducting; notations; techniques and much more. Essential for all directors! 10953811 Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.95 Chime Time—Sandra Eithun & Linda R. Lamb. This delightful reproducible compilation of mostly originals by Sandra Eithun, Linda Lamb, Kevin McChesney and Anna Laura Page will be a terrific resource for handchime and handbell ringers in schools, community groups, and churches. The pieces range in dificulty from Level 1- to Level 1+, with the easiest titles incorporating only half and whole notes. Chime Time will be a wonderful find for developing ringers and for their teachers and directors! Contents: Evening Light; Prelude to Sunrise; Processional Celebration; Processional Jubilee; Soliloquy; Song of Triumph (Fanfare) and Tranquil Chimings. 10821656 2/3 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 44.95 H The Creative Use of Handbells in Worship— Hal Hopson. This is the first in a planned series of texts from one of today's leading composers/ arrangers of church music. Mr. Hopson gives us a wealth of "tried and true" suggestions taken from his years as a practitioner directly involved with music for worship. The book is divided into two main sections entitled Enlivening Worship Through Handbells and The Creative Use of Handbells in Hymnsinging. Each section is filled with useful hints and specific examples which directors of choirs of any size or level of experience will find invaluable. Complete with authorized reproducible pages of bell music, this is a working manual that every director should have in their possession. 5603642 Book Reproducible . . . . . . . . . . 49.95 l Exploring Handbells—Betty B. Radford. Exploring Handbells gives directors and ringers the opportunity to experience several techniques for handbells and handchimes. Original compositions in this book were written specifically to allow practice and exploration of each technique before combining them with other handbell techniques. Each piece is playable on handbells and handchimes, although some techniques do not apply to handchimes. The music in this collection is written for two- and three- octave ringing ensembles. 10931800 Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40.00 Hal Leonard Handbell Method— Beverly Simpson. The Hal Leonard Handbell Method is designed for anyone just learning to ring handbells. Whether you're an experienced musician or you don't read music at all yet, this step-by-step guide will teach you the basic skills and techniques you need for ringing in a handbell or handchime choir. Instructions include: Ringing & Damping; Basic Music Reading; Practice & Performance Pieces; Staccato Techniques; Dynamics; Stretches and Warm-ups and more! A helpful Director's Guide is also included, offering insights and rehearsal suggestions for several pieces in the book. Instructional material is demonstrated clearly with photos and illustrations throughout. 10470184 3 Octave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.99 Handbell and Handchime Notation (2016 Revised Edition)—AGEHR. The handbell industry standard reference book for handbells and handchimes, now available in its ninth edition. Handbell and handchime notation, difficulty levels, and solo ensemble notation are covered in this three-part, 35 page book. 10709515 Book 2016 Edition . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95 Using Handchimes—Janet Van Valey & Susan Berry. This 112 page, spiral bound instructional manual is presented in four parts. First - An Introduction: Includes history, notation, position assignments, conducting, color-coding for non-music readers and more. Second - Ensemble Ringing: eleven sequential lessons deigned to teach basic reading and music reading techniques. Third - General Music - Addresses use of handchimes in general music classes. Topics include: random ringing, chordal patterns, melodies and accompaniment patterns. The last chapter includes an overview of techniques to help those with special needs. The ultimate resource for handchimes in a school or community setting. 1793900 Director's Manual . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95 Pathways to Musical Ringing, Vol. 1 - Articulations—Sandra Eithun & Michael Joy. Sandra Eithun and Michael W. Joy have created the Pathways to Musical Ringing collection in order to offer music that teaches a specific musical element (in this volume, Articulations) to encourage success and foster growth in musicianship. These pieces have been carefully written or selected from folk, classical and sacred repertoire in order to spotlight particular techniques and articulations that are unique to handbells. All pieces in the collection are appropriate for church, school or festival settings. As an additional benefit for beginning ensembles, all of the selections have no page turns, with the exception of Berceuse. The ten pieces in this collection range in difficulty from level 1 through 2. 10524623 2/3 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 34.95 10524625 3/5 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 34.95 Pathways to Musical Ringing, Vol. 2 - Rhythms—Sandra Eithun & Michael Joy. These pieces have been carefully written or selected from folk, classical and sacred repertoire in order to approach the teaching of rhythms sequentially. In addition to being excellent teaching pieces, they are intended to be flexible for use in a variety of school, festival and sacred settings. As an additional benefit for developing ensembles, there are no page turns for any of the selections. Contents include: Allegretto; A Brahms Waltz; Dorian Dreams; Festive Flourish; A Gentle Rain; Homage to Pachelbel; Londonderry Air; Long, Long Ago; Personent Hodie and Twilight Walk. 10757648 2/3 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 39.95 10757649 3/5 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 39.95 4 Pathways to Musical Ringing, Vol. 3 - Meters— Sandra Eithun & Michael W. Joy. If you've ever wanted to take your ensembles into repertoire that goes beyond simple meters, this collection will remove the fear and allow your ringers to feel more at ease when encountering music that incorporates compound or complex meters. Following in the success of their previous volumes in the Pathways series, Sandra Eithun and Michael Joy continue with Volume 3, offering music that teaches specific musical elements (in this volume, meter), encourages success, and fosters growth in musicianship. These songs are short and offer repetitive patterns to ingrain the "feel" of the meter being highlighted. The pieces have been carefully written and/or arranged from folk, classical and sacred repertoire in order to approach the teaching of meter sequentially. Reproducible. 11101150 2/3 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 44.95 11101151 3/5 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 44.95 Read 'n' Ring—Michael Burkhardt. This revolutionary approach to teaching music literacy with handbells or handchimes takes the ringer from rote and chord playing to reading part scores and the full grand staff! Written as a sequential music education method, Read 'n' Ring contains arrangements with separate two- and three-octave settings alongside classroom-tested exercises to develop note-reading skills and reinforce basic musical concepts. Teaching titles include: Debbie's Song; A Spring Carol; New World Symphony, Movement 2 (Dvorak); "Surprise" Symphony No. 94, Movement 2 (Haydn); Simple Gifts; Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Movement 2 (Mozart), and Symphony No. 7, Movement 2 (Beethoven). 10523615 2/3 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 44.95 Starting Point (Volume 1)—arr. Sandra Eithun. The Starting Point collection offers simple music to beginners to foster their success. The nine arrangements strategically employ repetition, limited techniques, and zero page turns to provide a foundation for future ringing experiences. Difficulty ranges from level 1- through 1+, and styles include folk, classical, sacred and original repertoire. Ideal for use in school, sacred, or festival settings! Titles: Reverie; Quietude; Trumpet Voluntary (Clark); Down to the River to Pray; Scarborough Fair; We Shall Overcome; Waltz in C; and Nocturne and Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini. 10456964 2/3 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 34.95 10456965 3/5 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 34.95 Starting Point (Volume 2)—arr. Sandra Eithun. The purpose of the Starting Point collections is to offer simple music to young or beginning musicians that will foster success and provide the building blocks to future ringing experiences through repetition, the limited use of techniques, and no page turns. The nine pieces in this collection range in difficulty from level 1- through level 1+ and include selections from folk, classical, sacred and original repertoire. They are ideal for use in school, sacred, or festival settings. Contents: Afterthoughts; Ancient Voices; Canon; Cossaise; Lovely Evening; The Merry Widow Waltz; On Wings of Song; Simple Gifts and Wayfaring Stranger. 10618589 2/3 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 34.95 10618590 3/5 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . 34.95 HANDBELL INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS & RESOURCES

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