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2 48624 Create a simple or more elaborate soda shoppe based on your production capabilities. It should consist of a soda counter with three simple stools in front of it. The counter can be a single, narrow 4' or 6' folding table. Cover the front (and sides, if possible) of the table completely with a brightly-colored painted piece of cardboard or bulletin board paper that reads "Noah's Soda Shoppe" on the front. The counter and stools should be placed to the left or right of the choir so as not to obscure view of the choir. On the counter, there can be a few straw holders (an actual soda shoppe type or a large plastic cup with straws in it) plus some napkin dispensers. Add a vintage cash register (if you can find one!) or a toy one. If space allows, add a small boutique table with 2 small chairs around it opposite the counter. Put a straw holder on the table. If the choir can be on risers (and all children easily seen), the counter and stools can be placed in front of the choir. Make the colors on stage bright and vibrant to reflect a soda shoppe ambience. The ark can be a large, painted corrugated cardboard sheet (using the image on the cover of this publication as an idea for how yours might look). Make it manageable but large enough to have a visual impact (5' to 6' high and 5' to 6' wide). Attach the ark with wooden dowels or cardboard strips with wide masking tape to a sturdy music stand. When the ark appears during the song "Let's Go Build an Ark," have a few children bring it out from behind the choir and place it downstage** right or left. Or, simply have the ark remain in place from the beginning to the end of the musical if that's easier. Another option is to simply project a picture of the ark (easily found on the Internet) onto a screen or wall when it's time for the ark to appear. **Downstage is closest to the audience vs. upstage which is where the choir is always placed. • Feather duster for Noah • Compact mirrors for Shonda, Rhonda, and Flo • Ark blueprint for Noah • Popcorn boxes for Shonda, Rhonda, and Flo • Plastic construction tools for "building" the ark • Greenery sprig for the Dove NOAH'S ROCKIN' ARK ADVENTURE A Fabulous 50s Musical for Children CAST SET COSTUMES PROPS Noah: Shonda: Rhonda: Flo: Shem: Ham: Japheth: The Dove: Animals: *Since choirs sometimes have fewer boys than girls, these roles can be played by girls dressed as boys if need be. Noah: Shonda: Rhonda: Flo: Shem: Ham: Japheth: The Dove: NOTE: An Internet search using words such as "soda jerk costume" and "poodle skirt costume" will yield abundant pictures and ideas for do-it-yourself costumes or affordably-purchased ones. Godly and humble Wise and witty Witty and wise Goes with the flow Son of Noah* Son of Noah* Son of Noah* Bearer of Good Tidings Optional addition if cast is large enough Soda jerk hat, white shirt, bowtie, bib apron, black pants. Poodle skirt, bouffant hairstyle, neckerchief, colorful blouse. Poodle skirt, ponytail hairstyle, neckerchief, colorful blouse. Poodle skirt, scarf in hair, neckerchief, colorful blouse. T-shirt, jeans. T-shirt, jeans. T-shirt, jeans. White shirt and pants or white sweatsuit with small wings attached. For Preview Only

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