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& # # 4 4 CHOIR 4 Happily (q = ca. 132) 41 48624 MAKIN' WAVES Music by KEN MEDEMA Arranged by RUTH ELAINE SCHRAM © Copyright 2020 CandelaWorks Music (ASCAP), a division of Jubilate Music Group, LLC. P.O. Box 3607, Brentwood, TN 37024. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA. The publisher hereby grants non-transferable permission to reprint this vocal part for rehearsal and performance. The music must be reproduced with the title and all credits including the copyright notice. Words by MARK CABANISS NOAH'S ROCKIN' ARK ADVENTURE Overture [During the "Overture," the Choir enters and assembles on risers. The actors enter and do bits of stage "business" while the choir gets into place: NOAH tidies up the soda counter with a small feather duster; SHEM, HAM and JAPHETH bring in various objects such as straw holders, napkin holders, etc. to place on the counter. SHONDA, RHONDA and FLO enter and are chatting among themselves, primping a bit with their compact mirrors. NOAH, SHEM, HAM and JAPHETH do not interact with SHONDA, RHONDA and FLO since they cannot "see" them. At the end of the "Overture," SHONDA, RHONDA and FLO put their compacts away and stand at Stage Center. They do a dramatic "sassy snap" in a coordinated movement with their fingers. At that moment, NOAH, SHEM, HAM and JAPHETH freeze in place and stand motionless while SHONDA, RHONDA and FLO speak directly to the audience.] SHONDA: RHONDA: FLO: ALL THREE: THE CHOIR: SHONDA: THE CHOIR: RHONDA: FLO: SHONDA: RHONDA: FLO: SHONDA: RHONDA: FLO: SHONDA: RHONDA: SHONDA, RHONDA & FLO: [SHONDA, RHONDA and FLO again snap their fingers in one big sassy snap together, and the music for "Makin' Waves" begins. The moment the music begins, NOAH, SHEM, HAM and JAPHETH immediately break their frozen positions and continue the business they were doing when they first froze. They finish their business at the end of the introduction to the song and sing.] I'm Shonda! I'm Rhonda! And I'm Flo! And we're The Rainbowettes! [applauds] We're a singing group from the 50s…and that's where you are now ladies and gents… The fabulous 50s! And we have quite a story to tell you! It's the story of Noah…but not as you've heard it before, daddy-o. That's right, Flo…for our musical, we've transported Noah to another time and place. Because his story is history. And it's timeless! So, come with us to Noah's Soda Shoppe, where a new day is just beginning. But it's not just any day. It's the beginning of an event that's going to rock the world. [walking over to Noah, pointing at him] Here's Noah. And his three sons: [pointing to each frozen son as she says each name] Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Here at the Shoppe it's chop, chop, chop! Let's see what Noah and his crew are making to drink and chew! And it's faith that will see them through! For Preview Only

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