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24 Scene 2 Ok. So, Jesus was born to be a king. That's pretty cool. But I'm still confused about something. Who is Gloria? And why does she need so many eggshells? No, no, no. We were singing "in excelsis deo." That is Latin for "Glory to God in the Highest." In Luke 2:14, the Bible says that angels the sang "Glory to God in the highest" when they told the shepherds that Jesus was born. That's why we sing "in excelsis deo" now. To celebrate like the angels! Oh, I see. So, the angels praised God for sending Jesus to be a king. Big deal. I'm sure He wasn't the first king ever. There's gotta be a bigger reason for angels showing up and putting on the first outdoor concert for shepherds. You're right! Jesus wasn't the first king. He came to be the King AND Messiah. What's a Messiah? The Messiah is the promised Deliverer of God's people. The Bible talks a lot about it in the Old Testament. Jesus was the promised Messiah that people had been waiting to meet for hundreds of years! So as soon as the angels told the shepherds where Jesus was… they couldn't help but go and adore the tiny gift from God that would change the world forever. TOMMY: KID 1: KID 2: KID 3: TOMMY: KID 1: TOMMY: KID 2: KID 3: KID 1: [8 Adore You

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