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11312275 - The Wonder of Christmas

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39 Scene 3 See Tommy? Jesus came to save everyone! That's why His birth is such a big deal. Like a superhero? (Tommy does a hero pose), I don't feel like I need saving. Everyone who as ever lived, except for Jesus, has sinned. And because we are sinners, we are forever separated from God. But God had a plan from the very beginning to get rid of that separation forever. So, He sent is only Son, Jesus, to be born so He could die for our sins. Wait, die?!? Jesus died for my sins? Yes, Jesus died for all of us. (like a surprise) But He didn't stay dead! He defeated sin and death and rose again to life! And because Jesus did that for us, now we can have a real relationship with God. Woah! That is a big deal! I guess that's why heaven went nuts. It's like everything that was broken since the beginning of time was getting fixed. Jesus WASN'T just a baby! KID 1: TOMMY: KID 2: KID 3: TOMMY: KID 1: KID 2: KID 3: TOMMY: ]12 Behold Him

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