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11312286 - Behind the Manger Scenes

Christmas Musicals for Church

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28 Scene 2 Townspeople walk across stage in groups. See production notes. See? People are all over the place! There are so many visitors here that there aren't any rooms left in the whole town! Or at least that's what we've heard. We kinda try to stay behind the scenes so we can watch and hear what's going on. And there is a LOT going on…Listen! (pointing to the family stopping mid-stage) Family coming across stage stops I'm ready to go back home! Why did we have to travel so far? Remember…the king called for a census so we had to come with our whole family to Bethlehem. A census? What's that? Everyone in the country has to go back to their family's homeland to be counted. Woah – no wonder so many people are around here! I'm so tired of walking! When will it be over? Are we there yet? (rolls eyes/makes "mom" look at the whining) Come on…let's go find a place to sleep for the night with the rest of the family. Family keeps going across stage and off OH! So that census is why all these people are here! This afternoon I even saw a man and his pregnant wife in town! JAIME: TAYLOR: JAIME: TAYLOR: CHILD 1: CHILD 2: DAD: CHILD 1: DAD: CHILD 2: CHILD 1: DAD: TAYLOR: JAIME:

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