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11312286 - Behind the Manger Scenes

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39 Scene 3 (excited) Do you think it really could be? (confused) Could be what? The baby! That the prophecy we've been told our whole life could come true HERE? You mean, "for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given?" I don't know! But I DO know there are unexplainable things happening. Did you see the shepherds? (exasperated) Well of course I saw shepherds! They're everywhere. We live surrounded by fields! I meant the shepherds that came here last night! What? Shepherds here? Shepherds are dirty, stinky and not usually in town. Are you sure you weren't dreaming? I don't know! It sure feels like it. They were talking about a bright light and singing and… Seriously? I think I need to see this one for myself... (stand off to the side as the shepherds gather and recount their night. React throughout the dialogue as they realize that the Baby is the one being born in their stable. Shepherd 1 and 3 are excited and curious. Shepherd 2 is still in shock and wide-eyed) I am STILL amazed! "Do not be afraid," they said! I have never seen anything like that in my life! Why would angels come to US? Angels…wow. Angels! TAYLOR: JAIME: TAYLOR: JAIME: TAYLOR: JAIME: TAYLOR: JAIME: TAYLOR: SHEPHERD 1: SHEPHERD 2: SHEPHERD 3: SHEPHERD 1: SHEPHERD 2:

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