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11312286 - Behind the Manger Scenes

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52 Scene 4 So it IS happening! The prophecy is coming true! I wasn't dreaming after all! We have been taught all our lives that the Messiah is coming. A Savior is coming to save His people. But as a baby? Here in Bethlehem? I never would have guessed that God's plan would start here in Bethlehem. In OUR guest room! And that young couple? They seem so ordinary. So young and quiet. Let's hurry so that we can see them before the shepherds get there… (peek around edge of "stable" set) (Mary sitting beside manger – wrapping baby. Joseph kneeling, looking on. Spotlight or star lit over head. ) (quietly and with awe) Joseph, he's here! He's actually here! Yes. The angel was right. You were to give birth to a Son. And we are to name Him Jesus. Jesus. Emmanuel. God with us. The Light of the world. God is with us! This baby is the Son of God! TAYLOR: JAIME: TAYLOR: JAIME: TAYLOR: JAIME: Taylor MARY: JOSEPH: MARY: JOSEPH: ]15 Love Came Down

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