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11212245 - Noel! Born Is the King!

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N A R R A T I O N 3 The angels were ecstatic that the eternal King was born! They wanted to announce His birth to the whole world; however, the Father had another plan. (music for "What Child Is This (Underscore)" begins) He chose the lowest of the low, a group of homeless men, shepherds living out in the fields, to be the first to receive the word. And they would be the first to be granted an audience with the newborn King. But they found that the King's palace was a stable. His cradle was a feeding trough! Nothing regal, nothing majestic, nothing kingly about Him or His surroundings. How could this be? How could someone so humble, so ordinary, rule over all people for all time? Even the angels did not know how this would be, but they bowed to the Father anyway … knowing that He was in control. Their response was total praise! 35 FOR PREVIEW ONLY Copying Prohibited

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