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11213625 - For He Alone is Worthy

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47 Angels filled the skies with the heavenly proclamation of the Savior's arrival. Only a few unsuspecting shepherds gathered alongside Mary and Joseph to welcome the King of kings. It has been over two thousand years since that starry night, and yet the miraculous thrill of hope still stirs our hearts, as if we, too, were there and knelt beside the manger. In our hearts and minds, we make the journey to Bethlehem and gather in the stable to worship Jesus, the newborn Messiah. But our journey does not end there, for we know that this infant King became the sacrificial Lamb of God, slain for our redemption, forgiveness, and salvation. We know that He was crucified, dead, and buried, and was gloriously resurrected (music begins) and ascended to the right hand of God the Father. And we wait in certain hope for the day when Jesus will come again. Until that day, we surrender our lives and proclaim that He alone is worthy! N A R R AT I O N 3 39 FOR PREVIEW ONLY Copying Prohibited

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