2013 J.W. Pepper Christmas musicals

We Three Spies

Christmas Musicals for Church

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Final 5   FRANKIE: SCENE 1 (Raise lights slowly on an empty stage as music begins.  One spy with hat lowered walks onstage, followed by another from a different direction. When the music speeds up, the stage fills with spies, all with their heads down, walking quickly.  All choir members can file on during this music as well. When the footsteps start, Commander X and Agents E and L scatter and hide, and the choir freezes in place.) (music begins to "Undercover [Christmas Intelligence Kids]") (footsteps heard as Frankie walks onto the now empty stage, calling out) (ms. 23) Emma? Hello? You left your Secret Santa gift at the party and I followed you . . . Hello? Emma (E): (coming up behind a lampost) Psst! Over here! FRANKIE: Oh, hey! E:   3 Spies Script.indd 1 Sshh . . . come with me. I'll explain later. (As music gets louder, kid spies fill the stage, walking quickly around. Then they start to sing.) 3/5/13 11:23 AM

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