2013 J.W. Pepper Christmas musicals

We Three Spies

Christmas Musicals for Church

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Final 17 X: (exasperated) Agent E, I see we have no choice but to activate your friend. (to Frankie) Your name? FRANKIE:Frankie. X: Frankie, this year your code name will be Agent F. Welcome to the CIK! (Kids applaud) F: Sweet! What next? Do I get to go on a spy mission? Take out some bad guys? Can I use karate? Hi-yah! (does a move, kids react) X: That won't be necessary. Please issue Agent F a hat. (A spy gives him a hat labeled "F.") As you all know, each of our agent's hats are equipped with communication devices in case we need to contact you. F: Like a cell phone? E: Yes, but it's a hat. F: May I have an iHat? E: (deadpan) Cute. L: (offstage) I found it! I found the Memory Eraser! (Agent L runs onstage holding the device; a flashlight or a flash attachment for an SLR, or "Single Lens Reflex" camera can be used.) L: SFX: Memory (continues) I just have to adjust the trigger . . . ( Eraser)(As he is halfway to Commander X, he flashes the machine in his eyes and stops walking.) X: Well? Don't just stand there, bring it here! L: (Looks at Commander X, confusedly) Bring what there? (Confused, he silently walks offstage with the device) E: Forget him! Let me explain, Agent F. We spend our free time every December searching for ways to bring Christmas cheer to people who need it. And this time of year, there are a lot of them out there! X: I gathered you all here for a reason: we have a new mission. (Spies cheer) 3 Spies Script.indd 5 7 3/6/13 3:51 PM

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