2013 J.W. Pepper Christmas musicals

We Three Spies

Christmas Musicals for Church

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Final 59 F: (putting down more boxes, quietly) So, what did you find out? Did your Xmas Ray work? L: (still under breath) Of course it worked! When do my inventions not work? (pause) Okay, I take that back! E: So what was inside? Was it something dangerous and illegal? L: (pause for effect) Shoes. E: (puzzled) Shoes?? We can't activate the JingleAlert until we have something more than shoes to report! Let's keep investigating! MS. MAPLE: (gathering the group) Okay, cast! We have our shepherds and angels. Let's think about the message that the angels brought to those ordinary shepherds long ago. (music begins to "Glory") They had been waiting as long as they could remember, and the Messiah was finally to be born. It was the best news that they could have hoped for! (Angel comes out to sing solo. The shepherds shield eyes and pose.) 3 Spies Script.indd 19 2/28/13 3:56 PM

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