2013 J.W. Pepper Christmas musicals

We Three Spies

Christmas Musicals for Church

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Final 67 (raise lights on the team in the warehouse, center stage) MS. MAPLE:Attention! I have an update! JOSIAH: We are very excited to tell you that we have surpassed our goal and are tracking packages coming in by the truckload! At this rate, we will be able to bless hundreds of families in our community! (Kids cheer) MS. MAPLE:I am proud of each one of you. Many of you have even sacrificed buying gifts for your own families to support this community project. E: (quietly) Bingo! I think we got what we need. The packages are Christmas gifts for the community! L: Okay. Let's activate the JingleAlert! (pushes button) E and F: (looking at each other) Mission accomplished! ( SFX: $ JingleAlert beeps) MS. MAPLE: (coming back center) Okay. Let's set for the manger scene. Narrator? (Kids hurry to their places. Angels surround the area behind the manger while Joseph stands behind Mary who is kneeling at the manger.) Narr. 3: (music begins) While they were there, the time came for the Baby to be born . . . ( SFX emits from L's hat with a woman's pleasant but robotic voice saying, "CIK Emergency, CIK Emergency" over and over) % MS. MAPLE:Does anyone hear that? Where is that voice coming from? F: (to himself) My hat! (Stopping the voice by taking off hat and hitting it) Oh, sorry. I must have left my cell phone on. JOSIAH: Weird ringtone, dude. F: (playing along) I know, right? MS. Maple: (continuing) Please, everyone, keep your cell phones off until our dress rehearsal is finished. Continue . . . (music begins to "Hope was Born this Night") Narr. 3: She wrapped Him in cloths and placed Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. (during song, Joseph and Mary pose with Baby Jesus. Angels pose behind them.) 3 Spies Script.indd 22 3/5/13 11:40 AM

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