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Christmas Musicals for Church

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Final 93 Scene 8 TINY: Ms. King, I brought something for you. MS. KING: What? What do you mean? TINY: (crosses toward Ms. King with Spy 1, who is walking in a medium-sized bike with training wheels.) It was my sister's, and she was saving it for when I got bigger. But I want you to have it. MS. KING: (in wonder) It's (singing the phrase from her song) a bicycle with training wheels . . . TINY: You said you wanted one. MS. KING: But after I tried to stop the Christmas celebration, why would you be so kind to me? L: God gave us the greatest Gift at Christmas. E: And that Gift lives inside of us! F: Giving our lives back to Him is our gift. MS. KING: (comically emotional) Tissue! I need a tissue! (someone brings over a tissue) And . . . a latte while you're at it? Thank you, darling. (Kid runs off, with a questioning look on his face.) Extra hot, twelve pumps vanilla! (she calls out to him as he exits.) Well, I have never experienced this. I'm at a loss, I say. (overdramatic again) A loss! (blows her nose loudly) No one has ever shown me such kindness when I have been so . . . (can't quite say a bad thing about herself) so . . . less than perfect. There's a tiny chance I . . . I may have overreacted. Ms. Maple:Well, when we give to others, we are imitating the actions of the greatest Giver, who gave the ultimate Gift to us, two thousand years ago. JOSIAH: God coming down to earth to save His people. MS. KING: Well, that's just amazing! Thank you. (changing gears) Well, don't just stand there—we need to give away all these packages to the people in our community who need them! (Kids cheer!) TINY: Ms. King! Want to go with me to pass out the gifts? MS. KING: Only if I can ride my bicycle. 3 Spies Script.indd 29 3/5/13 11:23 AM

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