2013 J.W. Pepper Christmas musicals

The Incredible Adam Angel

Christmas Musicals for Church

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2 The Incredible Adam Angel CAST The Choir: nl y Adam Angel: H2O: Hosts 1, 2, 3, 4: They sing very nicely and are an important part of the dramatic proceedings. Earnest, bright, (and only somewhat geeky) daydreaming scientist. Adam Angel's talking dog. Narrators who comment on and sometimes participate in the action. (Can be expanded or combined, depending upon your resources.) SET O PRODUCTION SUGGESTIONS re v ie w • A small "lab table" – any sort of simple table that is sturdy enough to hold several beakers and test tubes containing liquids. • A steamer trunk which holds several of the props used in the musical. The trunk can be large, medium or small - or not a trunk at all. Any sort of box or basket that serves as a place to hold the props until needed will suffice. • Optional nativity scene. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire…or not used at all. COSTUMES H2O: Lab coat, dress shirt and dress pants with bowtie or necktie. Also, black rimmed glasses.* Lightweight hooded sweatsuit. Add floppy ears, a black nose, tail and spots (perhaps H2O is a Dalmatian!). Dressy casual clothing. Brightly-colored T-shirts or dressy casual clothing. rP Adam Angel: Fo Hosts: The Choir: *An Internet search for "black rimmed glasses without lenses" yields several inexpensive options. • • • • • PROPS Beakers and test tubes (filled with brightly colored liquids) Kazoos for the choir (optional) Pirate hat Magnifying glass Cardboard steering wheel (simply cut out a steering wheel-shaped flat piece of cardboard)

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