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The Incredible Adam Angel

Christmas Musicals for Church

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36 The Incredible Adam Angel Overture nl [After the Overture is completed, HOSTS 1 - 4 step forward.] y [During the Overture, the CHOIR enters and assembles. There is a small "lab table" with typical beakers and test tubes (containing brightly colored liquids) placed Stage Right. A steamer trunk is placed Stage Left. ADAM enters and HOST 1 removes a lab coat from the steamer trunk. HOST 1 helps ADAM put on the coat with great comedic effect (he can't get his arms in the sleeves at first and twirls around several times trying to do so). When the lab coat is on, the HOST gives a pair of black rimmed glasses (also retrieved from the steamer trunk) to ADAM, who puts them on. He then thanks the HOST with a handshake for the assistance. ADAM briefly greets a few members of the CHOIR and moves to stand behind the lab table; he fidgets with the beakers and test tubes (pouring some of the liquids from one to another) during the remaining moments of the Overture.] O HOST 1: Welcome one and all, to the greatest story told. We hear it every year, and it never gets old. HOST 2: But this is the story as you've never heard it before…or probably will evermore. ie w HOST 3: So now's the time to unwrap your candy and put your phone away. Forget about your troubles and we'll get things underway. HOST 4: Our play is about a scientist who dreams of adventure and fame. He does that because he thinks his life is plain. [Music fanfare begins] re v HOST 1: [in a grandiose manner] Introducing… [The CHOIR takes out the kazoos and plays a brief "fanfare."] Fanfare (q = ca. 100) &4 4 ∑ "Introducing... Fo KAZOOS (opt.) rP CHOIR: [za-zaza-za!] The Incredible Adam Angel! œ œ œ˙ F Œ ∑ The Incredible Adam Angel!" [ADAM takes a bow. The HOSTS and CHOIR applaud.] HOST 2: It's Christmas once again, but something's not quite right. HOST 3: Dr. Angel is mixing up a potion and looking for a special silent night. HOST 4: But Christmas isn't special unless you have the most important thing. HOST 1: He needs just the right ingredient to make his heart sing. © 2013 Word Music, LLC (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. NOTE: The purchase of this book carries with it the right to photocopy this page. Limited to one church only. NOT FOR RESALE. ∑

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