2013 J.W. Pepper Christmas musicals

The Incredible Adam Angel

Christmas Musicals for Church

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42 HOST 3: Adam flew across the skies and arrived with a thump. HOST 4: He landed near the stable where Jesus was born…just a hop, skip and a jump. I feel sick. I'm not used to flying. H2O: I told you to pack some Tums®. ADAM: Never mind. Wow! I think I can see the manger where Jesus was born. Looks pretty shabby to me. H2O: That's right. Jesus was born in a humble stable. ADAM: I wonder why God would bring His Son to the world in a lowly manger? Seems like a very "un-incredible" place for Him to be born. H2O: God can do incredible things in "un-incredible" places...sometimes when we least expect it. O nl y ADAM: A Fine Howdy-Do! unison/opt. 2-part, accompanied ie w 7 CHOIR P 9 &b Œ Œ œ œ. œ J œ rP 8 re v Tenderly (q = ca. 104) &b 3 4 A - way 14 &b œ œ laid a œ œ 19 &b œ down œ œ where œ œ œ man - ger, no œ œ down His sweet Fo Je - sus œ in He œ The œ the lit relaxed jazz swing accel. poco a poco q q =q e &b œ sleep œ on œ the Œ Ó - Œ œ bed, œ. j œ œ tle Lord 2 hay. the Ó lit - tle Lord œ in the œ sky poco rall. œ Je j œ œ œ. œ œ J œ stars œ. lay, 4 4 œ a 17 œ Œ head. Œ œ œ œ crib for 3 23 Words and Music by MARK CABANISS and RUTH ELAINE SCHRAM Incorporating "Away in a Manger" - œ sus, œ looked œ a Fj ‰ œ œ œ It was a © 2013 Word Music, LLC (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. NOTE: The purchase of this book carries with it the right to photocopy this page. Limited to one church only. NOT FOR RESALE. - n

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