2013 J.W. Pepper Christmas musicals

The Incredible Adam Angel

Christmas Musicals for Church

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47 The Lord Has Come unison/opt. 2-part, accompanied 7 Brightly, with joy (q = ca. 112-116) We found 12 & œ Œ Ó 24 & ˙ Œ œ night. Œ œ is the Œ Œ œ œ. Lord Ó ∑ Œ œ come! ˙. Let ˙ earth œ œ ev - 'ry œ gre - di - ent - œ œ heart œ on - ly œ œ make the œ œ œ œ that leads us to that œ œ œ œ œ to One œ œ. j œ œ œ up your heart to j œ œ œ j œ œ œ. Ho has come; the - œ œ j œ œ œ. ly One, our Gift œ. j œ ˙. œ œ ˙ to the world, the Lord œ j œ œ w her œ ˙ has King. œ pre - pare œ Ó œ Him this from heav'n a - ˙ ˙. œ sea - son cel - e - brate Joy 26 re - ceive œ. œ pen - œ 34 & œ œ œ ˙ O The 29 & œ 17 Fo bove. œ rP love. in œ re v œ si - lent & œ the right Je - sus 16 20 œ œ bright. & œ j œ œ just œ nl œ O &Ó œ. 9 F ie w 8 y &2 2 CHOIR Words and Music by MARK CABANISS and RUTH ELAINE SCHRAM Incorporating "Joy to the World" Œ œ Let œ œ. room, © 2013 Word Music, LLC (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. NOTE: The purchase of this book carries with it the right to photocopy this page. Limited to one church only. NOT FOR RESALE. j œ œ œ and

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