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CHRISTMAS CLASSIQUE - SATB 71 At last, the long-awaited hour is here. Open your eyes! The darkness has passed, and the one true Light has come into the world. Wake up and shake off your slumber! The night is over! Open your hearts to welcome the Light! Rejoice and sing! We wait for the One who made the constellations and set the stars in the heavens, who turns midnight into sunrise. He comes to console the brokenhearted and to free the captives from their dark prison of despair. He brings rest for the weary and strength to the fallen. The Lord is His name. The people call out in the darkness, "Part the heavens and descend to earth, O Lord, for You alone can save us." From heaven comes an answer: "Out of darkness, I created light. Let the earth open wide. Let salvation spring up, for I, the Lord, have created it. There is no God apart from me; I send a righteous Savior. They will say of me, 'In the Lord alone are deliverance and strength.'" The people reply, "The Lord is our light and salvation. He alone is worthy of praise!" God of all creation, we pray for the miracle of Your light to unfold within us. Come and fill our world with the brightness of Your glory. Come and fill our troubled minds with Your perfect peace. Come and fill our silence with the song of Your salvation. Come and fill our solitude with Your presence. Come, O come, Emmanuel, God with us. We will rejoice and we will be alone no more. CHRISTMAS CLASSIQUE Narration Suggestions by Pamela Stewart (no narration) PRELUDE "Canon de Noël" INTROIT "Procession of Light" CALL TO WORSHIP "A Classic Advent Flourish" THE POETRY OF PROPHECY "Advent Alleluia" A PRAYER FOR PROVIDENCE "Celebration for Advent" Duplication of this publication is illegal, and duplication is not granted by the CCLI, LicenSing or licenses. Copyright © 2022 by HAL LEONARD – MILWIN MUSIC CORP. and HAL LEONARD LLC International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved

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