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11395523 - The Amazing Christmas Maze

Christmas Musicals for Church

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4 (Without music. Entrance to the maze is on stage, either Christmas trees or Christmas boxes. MAZE MASTER enters with his clipboard and stuff, like a summer hat and winter coat.) KIDS ENTER (ad lib) : Look, look, there he is! Hey, Pastor Bryan! (Or any name) MAZE MASTER: Not today . . . Pastor Bryan is not part of today's fun. Today I'm not your friendly kids pastor, I'm your Maze Master! KIDS: Maze Master? KID: Okay, what's a Maze Master? MM (clears his throat and then begins speaking in rhyme) : Well, you don't even have a clue! But just listen and I'll give them to you! In fact, I'll even give you two. One for you and . . . one for you. (He hands them each a "clue") ( KIDS interrupt him to start asking questions) KID: Maze Master? MM: Okay, here it is. For today, all of time, all of your questions have to rhyme. GROUP: Huh? MM: So, if you want me to hear you today, rhymes and more rhymes are what you must say. ( KIDS looks around at each other) PARKER: Oh, I get it. Like "I like your hat." You want us to say stuff like that. MM: Exactly. That's how we'll do it. Look at this maze. That's how we'll get through it. SAVVY: What does that have to do with Christmas, Maze Master? MM: Cause rhyming will help us get through this maze . . . (he waits for someone to supply the word) SAVVY (thinking) : Faster? ALL KIDS: Yeah! She got it! SCENE 1

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