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CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS *Really, any of the roles may be played by a boy or a girl with only slight modifications in the script. The indications above show how we recorded them on the demonstration recording. Many roles could also be played by older youth or adults. Samantha Ebeneezer (Sam) FEMALE The head of Unique Gifts for Luxurious Yarns. She is in charge of meeting the big deadline, and the latest in a long line of Ebeneezers to run the company. Bob Cratchit MALE The head of the weaving department. He is level-headed, kind and capable. Humbug FEMALE Sam's quirky assistant. She always has her tablet close at hand with information and statistics. Tiny Tom MALE Tom takes care of the sheep. He means well, but has some o the wall ideas, and one good one. Carole FEMALE Carole is the new employee, just starting to work the day before Christmas. She loves the idea of working at a place she's always revered. Belle FEMALE Belle is a faithful employee at the company. She has worked there for many years. Marlo FEMALE Marlo is a the first of Sam's "visitors." She arrives to help spin yarn by hand since the power has gone out Fuzzy MALE Fuzzy is the second of Sam's "visitors." He works for the electric company and has come to get the power back on. Anna FEMALE Anna is the last of Sam's "visitors." She works for a delivery company and comes and goes bringing and delivering boxes. Bruno MALE Bruno is an employee, and the handler of the "ugliest Christmas sweater in the world." NON-SPEAKING PARTS Factory Workers: Martha, Laura, Fred, Benny Nativity Characters: Mary, Joseph, Angels, Shepherds, Wise Men © 2022 Little Big Stu Music, LLC All Rights Reserved. Printed in U.S.A. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. You may not type out the song lyrics and reproduce them without written permission from the publisher. If you want to learn more about recording or reproducing materials in this musical, visit the publisher's website at Many resources may be found online at

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