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Order Toll Free! Call 1.800.345.6296 / w: jwpepper.com / e: orders@jwpepper.com 137 Go to cart HANDBELL MUSIC Toccatina—John A. Behnke. If you have 2 to 4 talented and motivated ringers wishing to ring more, consider this lively, virtuosic original piece for worship or concert. Exciting to watch as well as to listen to, it comes in two versions, F5-F6 or G5-G6 version. Just buy one because the score is reproducible for your ringers. An optional piano accompaniment is available for each version. 11391335 2 Octave 8 bell (F5-F6) Reproducible. . . . . . L2+ 7.95 11391338 2 Octave 8 bell (G5-G6) Reproducible. . . . . . L2+ 7.95 11391339 Piano Accompaniment for F5-F6 . . . . . . . . L2+ 5.95 11391342 Piano Accompaniment for G5-G6 . . . . . . . . L2+ 5.95 Together As One—Jason Krug. This original piece has a strong melody and is filled with rhythm and energy which is emphasized by well-placed marts and mart-lifts. It segues to TD treble which supports the melody in the mid-octaves then adds handchime support to the bass melody. Perfect for worship or concert, this piece nicely features every octave of the bell and chime range - ringers will love it! Winner of Area 2 2021 Festival Conference Composition Contest. 11384140 3-5 Octave 3-5 oct. handchimes . . . . . . . L3 4.95 Valse Gracieux—Michael Mazzatenta. This lovely original work has an engaging melody that truly evokes visions of a graceful waltz. Variations on the melody are rung on handchimes in a lovely minor section which then returns to the F-major key with more variations on the original melody and accompanying chords where echoes and TD add a nice touch. This sweet piece would be lovely for weddings and concert and can be re-named with with an alternate title for use in worship. 11383328 3-7 Octave . . . . . . . . L3 4.25 Valse Grazioso—Betty B. Radford. As the title suggests, this gentle original composition is waltz-like and dainty. With expressive rubato sections throughout, performance notes are included to ensure the maximum effect and interpretation of the flow and movement of the music. Ringers will enjoy the challenges and nuances contained in this well-crafted piece which was chosen as the winner of the 2019 Fred Merrett Award for New Compositions. 11397796 3-7 Octave . . . . . . . .L3- 5.50 Voices—Karen Lakey Buckwalter. This original piece becomes a voice for change when used with the poem provided. The music begins with haunting harmonies and open voicings that create a yearning feel. This section repeats throughout the piece, allowing for the "Do you hear the voices" narration to be heard. In between, a lovely, almost hymn-like original melody is developed and explored in reaction to the readings. From introspection to assertion, this is an excellent choice for the group looking for something different to provoke thought and challenge musicality. 11375879 4-7 Octave . . . . . . . .L4- 5.95 Wade in the Water—arr. Dave Baker. This favorite traditional spiritual has been given fresh treatment in this rhythmic and engaging arrangement. Techniques include shakes, mallets, TD, mart, mart-lift, and RT. Low bass is featured in a 'call-and-response' section. This is appropriate for worship or concert and will become a great "go-to" piece for your group. 11383329 5 Octave . . . . . . . . . . L3 4.25 Waltz No. 2—Dimitri Shoshtakovich/arr. Gina Marie Williams. This lovely waltz from Shostakovich's Suite No. 2, sometimes called, Jazz Suite No. 2 for Jazz Orchestra, will be a perfect addition to your group's repertoire! It dances throughout with a mixture of ring, pluck or mallet in the accompaniment, and features the delightful melody in both handbells and handchimes (3 octaves). Snippets of countermelody in the high bells and interesting inner voices plus occasional RT keep the interest alive throughout. This is certain to be an audience favorite! 11383330 3-5 Octave 3 oct. handchimes . . L3 4.95 Wellerman—arr. Kathleen Wissinger. This jaunty arrangement of the TikTok sensation will be crowd pleaser for sure. Two incompatible scores are included in the folio: score A is Level 2 for two octaves, and score B (more complex) is Level 3 for 3-5 octaves. A quick tempo in cut time is the main reason for the higher rating. Neither score has bell changes, bell sharing, or techniques, so they can be played without tables or pads. Additional performance notes are in the score. 11361566 2 Octave or 3-5 Octave w/opt. Vocal, Percussion . . . . . .L2-L3 5.00 Hal Leonard Handbell Method—Beverly Simpson. Whether you're an experienced musician or you don't read music at all yet, this step-by-step guide will teach you the basic skills and techniques you need for ringing in a handbell or handchime choir. Instructions include ringing and damping, basic music reading, practice and performance pieces, staccato techniques, dynamics, stretches and warm-ups, and more! A helpful Director's Guide is also included, offering insights and rehearsal suggestions for several pieces in the book. Instructional material is demonstrated clearly with photos and illustrations throughout. 10470184 3 Octave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99 Basic Training for Bells—Venita MacGorman. This 2-3 octave collection introduces the essential skills needed for ringing handbells and handchimes, presenting rote exercises for the ringers to drill each new skill. Music throughout the book, arranged in both two- and three-octave versions, includes hymn arrangements, classical transcriptions, and original pieces. The music provides all ringers the opportunity to put each newly learned technique into practice. 8063965 2-3 Octave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . L2 12.95 Beginning Busy Ringers (First Lessons for the Younger Beginning Ringer)—Kirtsy Mitchell. Teaching music with chimes or bells from the very beginning has never been more fun! This reproducible teachers edition contains 56 pages of music, exercises, teaching pages, puzzles, and games that are perfectly geared to children's bell choirs. Creative and educationally sound, it is nicely paced to keep students involved and bring them to a level of proficiency that will give them a sense of real accomplishment. 10040610 3 Octave Reproducible . . . . . . . L1 29.95 HANDBELL EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES For more instructional handbell resources, visit jwpepper.com/learnhandbells THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING US WITH YOUR BUSINESS! The Staff of J.W. Pepper R esounding J oy

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