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2 (JMG1238) GRAM Mrs. McKee, grandmother to Kate and Sammie. "Gram" (as Kate and Sammie call her) is the librarian at Central Christian School and about 55-65 years old. The part can also be played by a younger adult made up to look older. KATE and SAMMIE Older sister and younger sister. Basically, they like each other but sometimes Sammie gets in Kate's way. They attend Central Christian School and often like hanging out with Gram in the library after school. OLIVIA Kate's best friend at school. Olivia is the brainy type, wears rimmed glasses, and uses big words. Her parents are divorced. KJ and ZACH Kate's soccer playing boy buddies from school. KJ is adopted. The Central Christian School Library can be created as simply as or elaborately as your time and resources allow: only a few tables and chairs or theatre flats, etc. A small desk for Gram can be placed Stage Left with a chair for her behind it. On the front of her desk is a sign (large enough for the audience to see) that reads "Librarian." In the center area can be a small table with three small chairs around it (for Kate, Sammie, and Olivia). This is where much of the dialog will be delivered by the children as they sit and stand as blocked. A few extra chairs should be placed Stage Right for KJ and Zach. To fully create the atmosphere of a library, consider placing a few standing bookshelves with faux book fronts lining the shelves (made or cardboard and painted). Or create 4' x 8' flats (do an Internet search for "building theatre flats" for complete instructions) and paint bookshelves with books on them. Place the flats to the right and left of the choir, or behind the choir if your choir risers fill the entire playing area. Put a box on a table that reads "Book Return." Place a box of facial tissues on a table for Kate's clean-up efforts. Other options include hanging a colorful banner above the choir or sign on a stand downstage left or right that reads "CCS Library" and a sign on the other side of the stage that reads "Quiet Zone." If desired, add a few small plants around the set to add color and visual interest. (NOTE: Stage Right and Stage Left are to the actor's right and left when facing the audience.) FAMILY TREE CAST SET

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