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MIDDLE SCHOOL RESOURCES SECONDARY RESOURCES Order Toll Free! Call 1.800.345.6296 / w: jwpepper.com / e: orders@jwpepper.com 113 Go to cart Middle School Resources Middle school teachers, we've got you covered! 60 Music Quizzes for Theory & Reading— Jay Althouse. This reproducible collection of 60 one-page quizzes covers a variety of subjects related to beginning music theory and reading. Sections included are: The Basics; Rhythm; Note Names; Key Signatures; Keyboard Identification and Musical Puzzles. 10035125 Reproducible Book . . . . . . .24.99 11317071F Reproducible Book Digital Download. . . . . . . . .24.99 10369765 Reproducible Book With Data CD . . . . . . . . . . .29.99 Accent on Composers, Vol. 1 (Interactive Slides)—Jay Althouse & Judy O'Reilly. A complete music appreciation course in an interactive slide format that's ready-made for remote teaching. For each of the 22 composers, there is a biography, a portrait, the types of music they composed, composer factoids, and a timeline. The interactive slides include embedded audio and a listening guide to each composition, plus assessment slides. 11322954F Digital Resources Interactive Slides Digital Download. . . . . . . . .29.99 3286721 Reproducible Book & Enhanced CD Volume 1 39.99 The Accidental Drum Circle—Mark Burrows. This shares how the author put together a drum circle program that reached hundreds of students. This humorous quick read addresses everything from how to arrange the instruments and students, to the basics of proper drumming, how to start a groove, and how to have a drum circle without drums! The positive effect of a drum circle is that it connects people through a shared musical experience that builds community while celebrating individuality. 10023811 Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26.95 The Actor's Account of Famous (and Not-So-Famous) Musical Moments (15 Readers' Theater Scripts for the General Music Classroom)—Anna Wentlent. Bring music history to life with this reproducible resource! Short class theater scripts allow students to immerse themselves in important musical moments, from d'Arezzo developing music notation to Marian Anderson performing at the Lincoln Memorial to the emergence of hip-hop. Background music suggestions, optional props, and class discussion prompts are included, and and it is flexible for in-person or remote learning! 11347564 Reproducible Book . . . . . . .29.99 Beethoven's Mystery Escape Challenge! (A Hilariously Fun Virtual Escape Room)— Matthew Gawronski. Your students have been sent back in time to help Beethoven complete his Ninth Symphony. In this fun and inventive approach to virtual escape rooms, your students are brought right into Beethoven's home where he challenges them to answer music theory and music history questions, perform some of his famous pieces, and learn about his life and works. Perfect for in-person or virtual learning! 11355573F Digital Resources . . . . . . . .50.00 Body Electric 2.0 (A Symphony of Sounds for Body Percussion)—Mark Burrows. Combining body percussion, vocal percussion and mouth sounds, this uses grooves and rhythm activities that are accessible, educational and fun. Suggested activities are provided for each groove that will extend them into a performance piece. From grammar to gamelan, poetry slams to palmas, and tone poems to tongue twisters, students will strengthen their listening and rhythm skills while exploring music and cross-curricular concepts. 10062414 Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32.95 The Body Electric—Mark Burrows. This celebrates the music inside us while exploring ways to express music using the greatest instrument of all, our bodies. This introduces a self-contained instrumentarium that is convenient, physical, adaptable, educational and fun. Includes an overview and examples of a variety of body, vocal and mouth sounds and how to combine them. Reproducible student parts are included along with a CD of imaginative accompaniment. A great resource to teach the basics and help students internalize rhythmic concepts! 10023812 Book & CD Pack. . . . . . . . .32.95 Bucket Blast (Play-Along Activities for Bucket Drums and Classroom Percussion)—Tom Anderson. Jam along on buckets and optional percussion with this resource that includes helpful warm-ups to authentic rhythms, grooves and playing suggestions. Styles like and R&B are explored with this musical found instrument. Full scores for the teacher, along with digital access to play-along audio recordings and separate PDFs of bucket drum and optional percussion instrument parts are included. Play-along tracks are included for even more fun! So grab your buckets and friends and have a blast! Songs: Free Ride; Rock Around the Clock; Shake It Off; Sweet Home Alabama; Uptown Funk. 10628053 Book, Online Audio & PDF . .32.99 Bucket Blast: Rock Hits—Tom Anderson. Get rockin' as you jam along to songs that you love on buckets and percussion! Includes helpful warm-ups, authentic rhythms, and playing suggestions. Iconic rock songs like I Love Rock 'n Roll and Smoke on the Water are the musical foundation for play-along fun. Full scores are provided along with digital access to play-along audio recordings and separate PDFs of bucket drum and optional percussion instrumental parts. Authentic play-along tracks are included for rhythm-making fun! 11397410 Book, Online Audio & PDF Rock Hits. . . . . . . . .29.99 The Bucket Book (A Junkyard Percussion Manual)—David Birrow. This inventive program is designed to help teachers and students discover the joy of creating music using homemade or found instruments. Fully reproducible, and including a data CD for projection, this teaches rhythm skills and percussion techniques using easy lessons that do not require a percussion background. Detailed information, photos, and resources are provided to acquaint educators with percussion vocabulary and techniques. The activities will engage students as they explore different timbres and search for the next great sound or rhythm! 10462844 Reproducible Book & CD . .29.99 Buckets to Body Percussion (Drumming on a Dime)—Mark Burrows. Percussion brings a ton of excitement to the music classroom, but there can be obstacles like cost and storage. This book solves it all, so you and your students can enjoy the endless possibilities of percussion in the classroom! Fun games take the students through techniques, while over 30 grooves and songs teach concepts from call and response, ostinato, world "grooves", dynamics and meters, and more. Many grooves are paired with a suggested song and each come with helpful lesson ideas. 10846406 Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26.95 Excellent Selection and Service I have purchased music through J.W. Pepper for about 30 years, and I am always very satisfied." Lisa

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