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PERCUSSION & RHYTHM RESOURCES CLASSROOM INSTRUMENTS & METHODS Order Toll Free! Call 1.800.345.6296 / w: jwpepper.com / e: orders@jwpepper.com 73 Go to cart Percussion & Rhythm Resources About Time to Celebrate! (18 Rhythm Stick Routines for Holidays Throughout the Year) —Andrew Briggs. A hands-on, active-learning approach to rhythm! Eighteen familiar songs for holidays throughout the year are presented with notated rhythm patterns and kinesthetic stick routines: tap them on your knees, click them together, cross with a neighbor, and more! The simple rhythms can be learned by rote or read off the reproducible student pages. Plus, concise background information makes it easy to lead a discussion about featured holidays and the history and culture of each piece. 10631933 Reproducible Book & Enhanced CD . . . . . . . . .29.99 About Time!—Andrew Briggs. These energetic rhythmic routines are active learning at its very best. Eighteen familiar classroom songs are presented with notated rhythm patterns and kinesthetic stick routines. Tap them on your knees, click them together, cross with a neighbor, and more. The simple rhythms can be learned by rote or read off the reproducible student pages. Information about the history and culture of each piece is included. 10457834 Reproducible Book & Enhanced CD . . . . . . . . .29.99 The Accidental Drum Circle—Mark Burrows. This shares how the author put together a drum circle program that reached hundreds of students. This humorous quick read addresses everything from how to arrange the instruments and students, to the basics of proper drumming, how to start a groove, and how to have a drum circle without drums! The positive effect of a drum circle is that it connects people through a shared musical experience that builds community while celebrating individuality. 10023811 Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26.95 Ancient Carol Fantasy (O Come, O Come, Emmanuel)—arr. Paul Jennings. This is a great combination of rhythm patterns that work well with the traditional carol. As written, the ensemble includes a single bucket band part, rhythm sticks, sand blocks, rainstick, Boomwhackers, and small triangle, but this is flexible as virtually all parts are optional, especially if you use the full recording that is included. An impressive addition to any holiday concert! 11379495 Reproducible Book & CD . .19.95 11379497F PDF & MP3 Bundle . . . . . .17.95 Beat Blast (Play-Along Activities for Percussion)—Tom Anderson. Here is one complete resource that allows your students to jam along on percussion tracks with authentic play-along tracks. Styles from rock, pop and alternative are explored - and everything, from helpful warm-ups, grooves, specific playing suggestions, and digital access to play-along audio recordings and separate PDFs of the percussion instrument parts are included. Grab your cowbell, shakers, tambourines and drums. Songlist includes: Another One Bites the Dust; All Right Now, Human; We're Not Gonna Take It; Shut Up and Dance and Happy. 11103363 Book, Online Audio & PDF . .29.99 Beatbox (World Music Drumming 101)—Will Schmid. With the help of this collection your students can create the basic patterns used by rock drummers; re-create the sound of a mbira (thumb piano) with xylophones; form their own Haitian meringue ensemble; learn about hambone and step-dancing; and experiment with call and response, layered ostinatos, syncopation and improvisation. 10317499 Book & CD Pack. . . . . . . . .29.99 Body Electric 2.0 (A Symphony of Sounds for Body Percussion)—Mark Burrows. Combining body percussion, vocal percussion and mouth sounds, this uses grooves and rhythm activities that are accessible, educational and fun. Suggested activities are provided for each groove that will extend them into a performance piece. From grammar to gamelan, poetry slams to palmas, and tone poems to tongue twisters, students will strengthen their listening and rhythm skills while exploring music and cross-curricular concepts. 10062414 Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32.95 Body Jams—Murray Houllif. For general music and instrumental class use, each of the six reproducible small ensemble pieces in this collection offers a fun, exciting way to foster and encourage musical creativity and self-expression. They may be performed as body percussion pieces as well as substituting sounds using percussion/rhythm instruments, "junkyard" sounds or kitchen/household instruments. Students will learn how to read and perform short, basic rhythms and apply them to pieces in rock, jazz, Latin, march, and classical styles. A brief description and history of each style is included. 10547958 Reproducible Book . . . . . . .29.95 Bucket Classics! (Classical Play-Along Songs for Bucket Drums and Classroom Percussion)—Tom Anderson. Get out your bucket drums and play along with some of the greatest classical music hits of all time! Teaching suggestions, playing tips, and parts for bucket drums and optional classroom percussion are provided in this reproducible book. Full-performance and accompaniment-only tracks are included with the online media. 11521212 Book, Online Audio & PDF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34.99 D.R.U.M.—Jim Solomon. Get your students playing fun rhythms on a variety of instruments while teaching them the importance of cooperation. "D.R.U.M." is an acronym for Discipline, Respect, and Unity through Music. The book is organized in two sections, Jam Rhythms and Jam Rhythm Ensembles, and Ensembles Based on Speech, and the appendix offers many helpful teaching suggestions as well as pictures and tips on how to play 15 different percussion instruments. An outstanding book! 3178746 Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19.99 Flex! (30 Easy Ensembles for Whatever You Have)—Mark Shelton. Don't have all the instruments you would like to have for your class?. Here's the answer! This book offers 30 opportunities to practice ensemble skills with whatever instruments you have - whether a plethora of fantastic instruments or simply body percussion. Develop your students' skills while they experience a variety of styles, key signatures, and rhythmic figures that will stay with them in their musical journey. Use with barred percussion, buckets, Boomwhackers, conventional classroom percussion instruments, found sounds, and body percussion. Downloadable recordings included. 11123852 Reproducible Book with online resources . . . . .26.95 Found Soundology—Mark Shelton. Take your students on an unforgettable musical journey with this collection of twelve original compositions using everyday objects in place of traditional instruments. While each piece includes suggestions for found sounds, Mark Shelton encourages students to find their own sound sources. Teaching and performance tips, recordings, and reproducible parts round out this creative resource. 10523066 Reproducible Book & CD . .26.95 Games & Grooves for Bucket Band, Rhythm Sticks, and Lots of Joyous Instruments —John Riggio & Paul Jennings. This valuable resource is designed for beginners and intermediate students and can also be flexibly adapted using the materials included. Though the tracks are designed to work with just buckets, you have the option to use rhythm sticks, Boomwhackers, ukulele, and many other instruments with the notated parts provided. The songs include games and game-like tunes, as well as grooves, which are short, repetitive patterns that are fun to play. A great way to stretch your budget, the package includes a teacher's handbook, reproducible student parts, and P/A CD. 11345976 Reproducible Book & CD Teachers handbook with student parts . . . . . . . .24.95 11377121F PDF & MP3 Bundle Download Teachers handbook with student parts . . . . . . . .22.95 Purchases Have Been Great "My purchases have been great, and any issues were resolved right away. Great selection." —Ron

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