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Soothing Herb Collection (set of 3) (Colección de Hierbas Relajantes, grupo de 3) Sometimes the old remedies are the best. This easy starter garden contains Starflower, Chamomile, and Lavender - known for their calming effects on the body. Bag measures 4"W x 2-1/3"D x 6-1/2"H 10362066 $23.50/set. t Chamomile (Manzanilla) For thousands of years, the daisy-like flowers of this hardy herb have been used to reduce stress, calm anxiety, soothe an upset stomach and induce restful sleep. 10362064 $8.00/ea. t Starflower (Borraja) Also known as Borage, with fuzzy flowers of white, blue and pink, it can be enjoyed as a fresh vegetable or a dried herb, and is a common ingredient in many different cuisines. 10362063 $8.00/ea. t Honey Bee Mix (Mezcla de Miel de Abeja) This jumbo-sized bag is packed with flower varieties specially selected for their ability to attract bees. Bag size - 5-1/4"W x 3-1/8"D x 8-1/8"H. 10362067 $8.50/ea. Your furry friends will love the green treat built into these Grass Seed Kits. Boost your cat or dog's health and vitality with this natural digestive aid that is fast and fun to grow. Each Grass Seed Kit includes a chemical-free seed packet, soil pellet, growing instructions - and a bio-degradable rice hull pot that will maintain its beauty for up to 3 years and can be used indoors or outside. Pot size: 5.5" diam. x 1" height. Dog Grass u (Equipo de semillas de grama "Dog Grass") 10362070 $8.50/ea. Cat Grass u (Equipo de semillas de grama "Cat Grass") 10362069 $8.50/ea. Place orders online at t Lavender (Lavanda) This hardy herb has fragrant flower spikes in lovely shades of purple, and is delightful in potpourri and sachets or make a cup of soothing lavender tea right before bedtime. 10362065 $8.00/ea. t Sunflower Mix (Mezcla de Girasol) Cheery, Mini Sunflowers have dazzling five-inch blooms on tidy, compact plants. Bag size - 5-1/4"W x 3-1/8"D x 8-1/8"H. 10362068 $8.50/ea.

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