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PRSRT STD US Postage PAID JW Pepper PO Box 642, Exton, PA 19341 New Music Books Go to cart Balthazar, Scott L. Foster, Robert E. Schwandt, Christoph Shchedrin, Rodion Historical Dictionary of Opera Wind Bands of the World Georges Bizet: A Biography Rodion Shchedrin: Autobiographical Memories Scarecrow Press, Inc. (Lanham, MD, 2013) Opera has been around ever since the late 16th century, and it is still going strong in the sense that operas are performed around the world at present, and known by infinitely more persons than just those who attend performances. On the other hand, it has enjoyed periods in the past when more operas were produced to greater acclaim. Those periods inevitably have pride of place in this Historical Dictionary of Opera, as do exceptional singers, and others who combine to fashion the opera, whether or not they appear on stage. But this volume looks even further afield, considering the cities which were and still are opera centers, literary works which were turned into librettos, and types of pieces and genres. While some of the former can be found on the web or in other sources, most of the latter cannot and it is impossible to have the whole picture without them. Hardcover, 562 p. 10401213 Hardcover Book . . 125.00 Chronicle of a Cherished Tradition New Meredith Music Publications (Galesville, MD, 2013) A comprehensive history describing the development of instruments, musicians, composers, conductors and the music itself. Virtually every aspect of the growth of bands has been traced, leading to today's outstanding ensembles. First printing. Paperback, 224 p. 10378451 Paperback Book . . . . 24.95 see more! Scarecrow Press, Inc. (Lanham, MD, 2013) In almost all available English-language biographies, serious errors abound, often informed by romantic misconceptions surrounding the life of this remarkable musician. First published in 1991, Christoph Schwandt's Georges Bizet: A Biography is now widely recognized as the definitive work on this misunderstood composer's life. Drawing on significant recent research gathered for the revised and augmented 2011 German edition - now translated into English by Cynthia Klohr - Schwandt rewrites and restores the historical record concerning Bizet's achievements and contributions to the world of music. Hardcover, 148 p. 10376149 Hardcover Book . . . 65.00 Call 1-800-345-6296 | Fax 1-800-260-1482 | Internet: jwpepper.com Schott Music (Mainz, Germany, 2013) Rodion Shchedrin is internationally recognized as the pre-eminent contemporary composer of the Russian modern school. His autobiography looks back over an eventful life and provides a variety of stimulating insights behind the facade of the international music scene. Along the way Shchedrin elaborates highly personal views on the political situation and many other aspects of life in the former Soviet Union, turning an unsparing eye on the machinery of ideological repression exerted on artists as they struggled to interpret and conform to the constantly mutating diktats of the regime. A wealth of anecdotes and humorous observations offer the reader glimpses of the author's essentially sanguine and lifeenhancing disposition. Paperback, 286 p. 10373745 Paperback Book . . . . 17.99 *10428791* © 2013 JW Pepper & Son, Inc. NRFA10428791

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