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The Inn Crowd by Lee and Susan Dengler

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2 44685 THE INN CROWD CAST COSTUMES SET PROPS STAGING This musical can accommodate any size cast. The lines spoken by Guests can be done by as few as two children and as many as nine. If the cast is small, the children playing the parts of Mary and Joseph and the Shepherds can enter as Guests during the Overture, and then exit for a quick costume adjustment, as needed. Mary and Joseph would need to exit after the first song and be ready to enter during "Star of Wonder." The Shepherds should exit after "Star of Wonder" and make their entrance during "In or Out." With the exception of Mary and Joseph, all parts in this musical can be done by either boys or girls. Feel free to adjust pronouns in the dialogue as needed. Simple Biblical costumes would be appropriate. Another option would be for the Guests to dress in contemporary casual attire, with the Wool Salesman and Tax Collector looking "business-like," and the Celebrity looking quite "glitzy." The Shepherds could look somewhat shabby in jeans and old flannel shirts. Mary and Joseph might wear something a bit less "fashion forward." The Innkeeper's Child should be dressed in something to make him/her appear younger than the rest of the cast. No set is needed. However, you can also make your production as elaborate as you desire and as your resources allow. It would be possible to create the entrance to the Inn on one side of the performance space with a sign saying "Bethlehem's Inn," and/or by using two large potted plants with enough space in between them to suggest a doorway. Adding something to suggest the stable and manger on the other side, with the choir (or Guests) in the center, would provide a nice touch. A huge star, made of cardboard and glitter would be a lovely addition. The only props needed are a manger and a doll to represent Baby Jesus. Innkeeper, Child and all Guests (including the Wool Salesman, Celebrity, and Tax Collector) should enter during the Overture. If desired, they can greet each other first or immediately take their places with Guests assembled as the choir in center (possibly on risers). The Innkeeper and Child could be off to one side. Mary and Joseph should enter, as if from a distance, during "Star of Wonder." They should arrive "at the Inn" by the end of the song. The shepherds should enter, also, from a distance, during "In or Out" and should arrive "at the Inn" by measure 9 in "In or Out." Sometime before the end of "Good News," Mary or Joseph should place a doll in the manger. After "Good News," everyone should move to the manger. Exhausted and overwhelmed Energetic and inquisitive Business type; very snooty Very self-important Know-it-all type Weary from the long journey Concerned about Mary and the Baby Very engaged in the action Quite shabby; very excited Innkeeper: Innkeeper's Child: Wool Salesman (F.W. Woolworth): Celebrity (Rock Starling): Tax Collector: Mary: Joseph: Other Guests at the Inn (Chorus): Shepherds: For Preview Only

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