New Christmas Musicals

The Inn Crowd by Lee and Susan Dengler

Christmas Musicals for Church

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9 44685 GUEST 1: GUEST 2: GUEST 1: GUEST 2: GUEST 3: GUEST 4: GUEST 5: INNKEEPER: CHILD: INNKEEPER: CHILD: INNKEEPER: GUEST 3: INNKEEPER: GUEST 4: CHILD: I can't believe the government made us come all this way. After all, we are part of a royal family. We should be treated better than this. Maybe someday we won't have to leave home to pay our taxes. Well, that will never happen! [To Innkeeper] Excuse me, sir. I'm allergic to goose feathers. I MUST have a different pillow. Speaking of pillows, what happened to the pomegranate that was supposed to be on every pillow? I didn't get one! This inn sure is crowded! Tell me about it! We don't have room for one more guest. Wow! That's a lot of people! So many people have had to travel to Bethlehem to pay their tax because they are part of King David's family. Wow! That's a big family! [to the Child] Even an inn like mine is full tonight. And you only have a one-star rating. Pipe down! The other guests might hear you. Speaking of one-star ratings, did you notice that one huge star in the sky? There it is…right above us. Wow! That's one big star! For Preview Only

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