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2 65/2077&78L-2 Words from the Writers e thought of collaborating on a musical for Christmas that focuses specifically on the name of Jesus was something I didn't have to think about for long. We all know that a musical about Christmas will, by necessity, have angels, shepherds, wise men, and a manger. ey are part of the story – an integral part. But a Christmas musical that focuses on His name? Well, that's more intriguing and I was immediately hooked. Truth is, I love His name. I do. ere really is, as the lyrics say, "something about that name." It's a name as ordinary as your next door neighbor and as rare as the answer to your every question. It's a name that causes demons to tremble, but comforts the lonely in the darkest night; a name both common and uncommon at the same time. It is, to me, the most beautiful of names! I honestly don't know how to write that, but it doesn't mean that I don't want to try – and it is irresistible to find ways to express it. It is my prayer that both the text and the music of this work will find their way into your hearts and reside there. More than any performance, we long to exalt the name of the One who said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all people to myself." Jesus, how we love Your name! −Rose Aspinall One of the greatest joys of the holidays is the coming together of friends and family to celebrate the season of Christmas. For many of us, school, work, and other routines give temporary pause enabling us to spend time together remembering the birth of the Christ Child and the events that changed our destiny. is gathering is not unlike the one that occurred when Jesus was born. e census brought many back to Bethlehem, including Mary and Joseph. e news of Jesus' impending birth cued angels and shepherds, and ultimately wise men, to come to the manger. e significant events surrounding Christ's birth still impact us today. He was a baby sent to change everything. He was Jesus! is 40-minute musical reflects solely on this Holy Child. We examine the impact of His arrival and what it meant for all who would receive this life-altering gift. rough powerful original songs, favored carols, and dramatic spirituals, the story is told and the question is asked: "Is there room in my heart for Him?" Two narrators weave the storyline together as the music, varied in styles and pacing, reaches deep into the hearts of those who hear its message. Together, with eloquently penned orchestration by Ed Hogan, these dramatic events all point to one baby – Word in human form – He is Jesus! Let's come together now and celebrate this High and Holy One, this Name above all names – this mighty King who reigns over heaven and earth. Let's celebrate the season of His birth and honor the gift of a Savior – our Savior – JESUS! −Mary McDonald For Preview Only

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