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97 Order Toll Free! Call 1.800.345.6296 / w: jwpepper.com / e: satisfaction@jwpepper.com jazz ensemble Go to cart Jazz Ensemble Warm-Ups / Combo Charts Jazz Ensemble Warm-Ups H Blues Warm-Ups and WorkoutsPaul Jennings. You asked for it! So Paul Jennings has drawn on his broad experience in jazz education to develop this unique set of warm-ups and exercises based on the blues form and designed especially for developing jazz ensembles. There are scale workouts, sensitivity exercises, a blues chorale and much more. This "versatile rehearsal toolkit" is a must for groups that want to improve. 2153476 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . ME 45.00 n Developing the Language of JazzJonathan Holford & Mike Carubia. Developing the Language of Jazz is a unique and comprehensive warm-up method and study that will have your jazz ensemble reading and playing stylistically more correct after a few 5 to 8 minute warm-up sessions. These simple, concise, and straight-forward studies not only help students with the conceptual and stylistic difficulties in the jazz style, but will also help both jazz savvy and novice jazz educators convey these concepts to their students. This insightful set of exercises primarily uses the instructional technique of call (where the exercises are demonstrated by the teacher or from mp3 audio examples) and response (when students play back the example). The mp3 audio files are available as downloads from the publisher's website for each instrument. Included are both unison and harmonized exercises. Those teachers who have been active in the jazz idiom will relish the fact that they have a complete curriculum of material to work with covering the six aspects of the language of jazz: Rhythm, Articulation, Dynamics, Balance, Phrasing and Beginning Improvisation. Developing the Language of Jazz is sold as a complete set with parts included for standard jazz band instrumentation, plus a teacher's part. 10370922 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . ME 75.00 H Five Minutes a Day Jazz Warm-UpsAndy Clark. Concert bands do warm-ups... what about jazz bands? Well, now your jazz band can properly get started with this set of time-saving and very effective warm-ups and tuning exercises. Designed to improve intonation, rhythmic feel, range and endurance. Get your rehearsals off to a good start with this great investment in your jazz program! 2348100 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . E 34.00 H Instant Warm-UpsMichael Sweeney. Take a look at this! Michael Sweeney has drawn upon his years of teaching experience to create this easy- to-use set of warm-ups designed for beginning groups. Each of the eight short, simple exercises focuses on a specific jazz concept or scale. The parts are easy to read, with no complicated instructions or diagrams. The full score includes additional helpful hints for the director. Use two or three of these at the start of each rehearsal and watch your band improve! 2267094 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . VE 40.00 n Jazzers - Start Your Instruments!Paul Clark. Start your jazz ensemble rehearsals and performances right with these "to the point" and very playable warm-ups for jazz band. An established routine is an important part of learning - these are written by a writer who has had 32 years experience in public school teaching. There's opportunity for all to experiment with improvising in the safe environment of the rehearsal room. The slur exercises will develop the brass "chops"; the tuning warm-up will get the players listening; and the variety of styles (swing, rock, legato ballad) will get the band ready for a productive rehearsal or stellar performance. Warm-ups are the right place to ensure that your "Jazz Engine" will run long and play hard! Our highest recommendation! 10050254 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . E 45.00 4 Super-Fast and Easy Warm-Ups for Big Band Roger Schmidli. In the first few minutes of rehearsal, Super-Fast and Easy Warm-Ups for Big Band helps your jazz band make a satisfying, cohesive sound from the onset, while learning some of the most important styles of jazz including swing, rock, Latin and shuffle. These warm-ups are a simple and fun way to establish good musical habits and improve listening skills in young jazz musicians. Not just great warm-ups, they can be expanded for effective lessons and instructional objectives! Highly recommended! 10618672 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . E 50.00 n Warm-Ups for Beginning Jazz Ensemble Chris Sharp. Finally, a great set of warm-ups for your beginning jazz ensemble. And, these are tune-ups as well as warm-ups. An excellent way to get your young jazz ensemble primed to play the charts they will perform! These employ the same hip voicings and rhythmic licks as found in actual arrangements, in a variety of styles. Designed to teach the different harmonies, styles, and rhythms of popular and traditional jazz, they include are chorales with extended harmonies, rock, swing, and bossa styles. Perfect to "wake up" your ensemble before a rehearsal or performance! 2477339 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . VE 45.00 n Warm-Ups for Developing Jazz Ensemble Chris Sharp. This set of five warm-ups is a great way to get your players mentally and physically prepared to roar! Beginning with a warm-up chorale, the tunes build in intensity and difficulty, but stay within the appropriate difficulty ranges. Featuring varied styles, these nice and easy tunes are an ideal way to help your students get a handle on the figures and genres they will encounter as they play performance charts. Exceptional! 2480740 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . ME 60.00 Combo Charts All Levels n Absolute ZeroBob Turner. This modern fusion, flexible instrumentation combo chart features two solo sections with a written solo for trumpet 1 in the first section and a written solo for tenor sax in the second section. Chords are written into all horn parts to allow for open soloing by any player or you can simply play the chart as written and find a great groove! Flexibility is the key to this chart. It can be played with a 4, 5 or 6 horn ensemble and rhythm section. Additional horn parts are included so it can be played with virtually any combination of horns. 10454489 Flexible Instrumentation. . .ME 40.00 Afro Blue (Little Big Band)Mongo Santamaria/ arr. Michael Mossman. Even though this is scored by Michael Philip Mossman for just six horns in the Little Big Band Series, the writing is sophisticated and full sounding. Written in 3/4, but featuring an Afro-Cuban 6/8 groove, this marvelous chart includes solos for tenor or trumpet. Instrumentation: 3 saxes, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone, rhythm section with optional additional parts for alto sax, tenor sax and trombone. 10074146 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 45.00 n Afternoon NapNicholas Fernandez. Afternoon Nap is a very approachable bossa nova, and can be played with a 4, 5 or 6 horn combo. Additional horn parts are included so that it can be played with virtually any combination of horns plus rhythm section. The solo section is open for horn soloists as desired with chord symbols provided. 10369731 Flexible Instrumentation. . .ME 35.00 n Ale House RockRick Hirsch. Here's an excellent contrast piece for your sextet! This head chart with solo background figures is a straight-up rock chart with an altered blues structure. The instrumentation is Alto, Tenor and Trombone with Rhythm Section. Optional alternate parts are included for Trumpet, Tenor 2, Baritone Sax and Trombone 2. 10192256 Combo 3 Horns & Rhythm Section. . . . . M 18.00 All Blues (Little Big Band)Miles Davis/arr. Mike Tomaro. One of the most famous jazz waltzes ever written, this small band setting of Miles Davis' classic skillfully uses the six-horn format to create an incredibly full sound. A flexible solo section is also included with suggested solos and scale/ chord sheets provided. Instrumentation: 3 saxes, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone plus rhythm section. Optional additional parts included for alto, tenor & trombone. 10098773 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 45.00 All the Things You Are (Little Big Band) Jerome Kern/arr. Mark Taylor. Mark Taylor arranged this Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein classic using duet pairings mixed with counterlines and background figures from the entire ensemble. Scored for six horns (3 saxes, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone) and rhythm section, this medium swing chart has a rich full sound. The solo space is for alto and trumpet with suggested solos and scale/chord sheets in all keys included. Optional parts for alto, tenor and trombone 2 are provided. 10283056 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 45.00 H Alright, Okay, You WinWyche & Watts/ arr. John Berry. Made famous by Peggy Lee and recorded by countless jazz artists, this wonderful standard is a fun chart for combos to swing with. Scored for four horns and rhythm section, with flexible instrumentation. 2470892 Combo (Septet) . . . . . . . E 25.00 n Angled Angelsarr. Bob Turner. This holiday chart is a down-and-dirty funk chart based on the traditional favorite Angels We Have Heard on High. With a nice feel, it features syncopated rhythms, an interesting chord progression, and a written or improvised solo for tenor saxophone. Flexible instrumentation is a highlight in that it can be played with four, five or six winds with rhythm section. Additional parts are included so that it can be played with virtually any combination of winds and rhythm section. Also available as a standard big-band chart (Pepper number 10517622), this will be a favorite for holiday concerts and community events! 10517614 Flexible Instrumentation. . .ME 40.00 Attitude Dance (Little Big Band)arr. Mark Taylor. Celebrating more than 40 years of funk and soul, the unmistakable sound of Tower of Power still sounds as fresh and impressive as ever. This adaptation for six horns (3 saxes, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone) and rhythm section features the blazing horn lines and driving groove of the original. Optional parts are included for alto sax, tenor sax and trombone 2. 10283054 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 45.00 n Bags' Groove (Little Big Band)Milt Jackson/ arr. Mark Taylor. Milt Jackson's signature blues tune has become a well-known jazz standard, and Mark Taylor's arrangement makes it sound great in this six horn, little big band format. Featuring a nice, medium swing feel, and the flexibility for open solos with backgrounds, this will be fun to perform and easy to prepare. Instrumentation: 3 Saxes; 2 Trumpets; 1 Trombone plus Rhythm Section. Optional parts are included for Alto and Tenor Saxes and Trombone. Suggested solos and chord/scale sheets are also included. Highly recommended! 10317260 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . ME 45.00 Behind YouGordon Goodwin. As performed by Gordon Goodwin's Little Phat Band, the instrumentation is tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, acoustic bass, and drums. This one is a funky shuffle and the tempo is around 170 bpm with some very clever counterpoint. All parts have solo space. 10355572 3 Horns & Rhythm Section. . . . MA 45.00 Besame Mucho (Kiss Me Much)arr. John Berry. This Latin favorite arranged for small groups features flexible instrumentation options, easy scoring and brief solos written into all the parts. The parts include: Part 1 - Trumpet or Alto Sax; Part 2 - Alto Sax or Trumpet; Part 3 - Tenor Sax, Alto Sax or Trombone; Part 4 - Trombone or Tenor Sax, plus Piano, Bass, Drums and optional Guitar. Also included are suggested solos and scale/chord sheets in all keys. Accessible for younger players! 10461412 Combo (Septet) . . . . . . . E 25.00 l Billie's Bounce (Little Big Band)Charlie Parker/ arr. Mike Tomaro. Here's a fresh take on the bebop blues classic by Charlie Parker. In the little big band format, it starts out in a funk style then alternates with swing. The soloists have an opportunity to improvise in both styles. The small band instrumentation is: six horns (ATB saxes, two trumpets and one trombone) plus four rhythm with optional additional parts included for alto, tenor and trombone. 10617898 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 45.00 4 Birdland (Little Big Band)Josef Zawinul/ arr. Rick Stitzel. Joe Zawinul and Weather Report turned the jazz world on its ear with this iconic fusion composition from their 1977 album Heavy Weather. Arranged here for six horns and rhythm section, this version retains all the drive and uplifting energy of the original. Instrumentation: six horns (ATB saxes, two trumpets, one trombone) plus four rhythm with optional additional parts for alto, tenor and trombone. Perfect for smaller programs, or additional ensemble opportunities! 10617894 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . ME 45.00 n Blue Bossa (Little Big Band)Kenny Dorham/ arr. Mark Taylor. Sounding full and richly varied, here is a great six-horn chart on the timeless Kenny Dorham jazz standard. The melody is first stated by a trio of trumpet, tenor and guitar followed by the full ensemble, then solo sections for trumpet and tenor. Scored for 6 horns (3 saxes, 2 trumpets 1 trombone) plus rhythm section with optional parts included for alto sax, tenor sax and trombone. Highly recommended! 10374158 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 45.00 Blue Skies (Little Big Band)Irving Berlin/arr. Mark Taylor. Here's a creative and unique version of this familiar Irving Berlin standard that alternates between samba and swing styles. Featuring intricate and effective six horn scoring with solos for tenor sax and/or guitar, this is a terrific full-blown production for little big band. Scored for 6 horns (3 saxes, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone) plus rhythm section with optional parts included for alto sax, tenor sax and trombone. 10374154 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 45.00 Need a score for contest? We stock scores for over 4,000 of the most popular works for contest. " I'm not sure I've ever had such excellent customer service. ank you so much for making my life easier." — Lisa Pendleton Band Boosters President, Huntland, TN

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