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The Tomb is Empty Now

Christmas Musicals for Church

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& ? & ? b b b b b b b b b b b b 104 . . ˙ ˙ . . ˙ ˙ b œ ˙ . . ˙ ˙ . . ˙ ˙ b E b 2 D b E b D b œ œ b œ b œ œ b œ œ b ˙ b œ b C b œ ˙ b œ b œ œ œ œ œ b œ œ œ G b 2 B b G b B b B b m7 molto rit. molto rit. U U . . ˙ ˙ " U . . . ˙ ˙ ˙ U E b (spoken dry, no music) But the love Jesus displayed on the cross and the death He died there isn't the end of the story! While the mourners were still mourning and His loved ones were still trying to adjust to life without Him, while the skeptics were cheering and the naysayers were celebrating, something was happening. His loved ones must have remembered what He had said: this was not the end. But who could believe such a thing? (music begins to "He Who Was Dead") But somewhere in the night, the LAMB of the cross became the LORD of an EMPTY TOMB! What would His friends say? What would they believe? . . . to see the scars in His hands, to feel the wounds in His side, to see Him living and breathing and walking among them! Mary saw Him on the road but she didn't recognize Him, maybe because she wasn't looking for a living Lord; but when she heard Him speak, she knew. All that He had said was true! Jesus WAS dead, but NOW is alive! NARRATOR: 68 The Tomb Is Empty Now For Preview Only

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