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Little Lion, Little Lamb by Heather Sorenson

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18 LITTLE LION, LITTLE LAMB – SATB Underscore #1 begins. Narrator 1: Lion of Judah. Narrator 2: Lamb of God. Narrator 1: These two names of Christ seem to be so contradictory in character. And yet, they beautifully describe how our Savior relates to us, without either opposing or diminishing the other. Narrator 2: The lion symbolizes strength, fierceness, protection and king- liness! He is a regal ruler and defender. A seasoned warrior! Narrator 1: We first hear prophecy of the Lion of Judah in Genesis 49, when Jacob (later renamed Israel) came to the end of his life, and gathered his twelve sons to his side. In this meeting, Jacob spoke to each of them in what can best be described as poetic prophecy, telling each son the future of his family tribe. Narrator 2: Zebulun would dwell by the sea and provide haven for ships that passed by. Narrator 1: Although one of the smaller tribes, many judges would come from the cunning family of Dan. Narrator 2: Joseph would be highly blessed and fruitful in spite of those who meant him harm. Jacob went on to say that Simeon and Levi were like "two peas in a pod" – hot-tempered and always ready to fight! This did not please Jacob, and he told how their tribes would one day be scattered for their lack of self-control. Narrator 1: Asher... One day Asher would become wealthy and famous for his culinary skills. His candies and sweets would be known to kings and dignitaries. Narrator 2: The tribe of Gad would become the soldiers, and Issachar would be the salt of the earth, blue-collar farmers who tilled their soil-rich land. Narrator 1: Naphtali... Naphtali would be fierce lovers of freedom! Gentle to their friends; formidable to their enemies. The list went on for each son, as Jacob spoke of things that only God could have shown him . Narrator 2: And then, he came to his son Judah. "Judah, you are a Lion's Cub, and the king's scepter shall never leave you. One day, your brothers will honor you, and the nations will obey you!" For Preview Only

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