New Christmas Musicals

Little Lion, Little Lamb by Heather Sorenson

Christmas Musicals for Church

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3 LITTLE LION, LITTLE LAMB – SATB IT CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR Sing sweetly. Let the text guide your interpretation. Remind the altos to sing measures 88-92 gently, mixing head voice into their chest voice in order to blend with the sopranos. WHO'S THE LITTLE BABY? Have fun with this! This will not work if sung stuffy or traditional. The choir should scoop liberally and stylistically. Contrasting dynamics and constant vo- cal energy are crucial to the success of this piece. SLEEP LITTLE LION, SLEEP LITTLE LAMB The best term to describe this would be "Power Folk." Consonants should not be over articulated. Rhythms should be conversational. This piece is filled with drama! WHERE IS PEACE TONIGHT? If your church does not have a children's chorus, a child soloist can also sing the chorus part. When the music is contemporary, the SATB choir should follow those stylings. When the music and text are traditional or in Latin, the SATB choir should follow traditional choral stylings. IN THIS MOMENT Phrasing and rhythmic grouping are important to the success of this piece. The quarter notes should not be felt, otherwise the music will feel boxy and verti- cal. Remind the choir and soloist to sing through the phrase. Measures 96-103 have multiple rests in order to highlight textual phrases, and to draw attention to specific words. Use these rests to aid in musicality, rather than utilizing them as simply a time to breathe. This piece provides great opportunity to teach musicality and phrasing. ANGELS FROM THE REALMS OF GLORY This piece is all out contemporary. The repeated phrase of "come and worship" is especially important at this point in the cantata: on the very next piece, the worship leader will invite the congregation to do just that. Remind the choir to be persuasive in their invitation to join their worship. Visual energy is conta- gious, and by the time you get to the end of this piece, the congregation should be itching to join in! CAROL OF THE KING While the intent of this entire cantata is to worship our King, this final song will be the culmination as the congregation joins in corporate worship. Encour- age the choir to know the songs well enough to look away from their music while they are leading the congregation in worship. The choir will set the tone of this worship. For Preview Only

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