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Little Lion, Little Lamb by Heather Sorenson

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74 LITTLE LION, LITTLE LAMB – SATB Narrator 1: Little Lion. Narrator 2: Little Lamb. Narrator 1: In Old Testament times, the lamb was a symbol of innocence, purity, peace, gentleness... Narrator 2: A sacrificial substitute. Narrator 1: Pagan kings would often send lambs as a peace offering to their enemies; literally, a payment of peace, as seen in the first verse of Isaiah 16. Narrator 2: And so, through our little Christmas Lamb, this symbolism became reality when Christ was born. Narrator 1: He offered us innocence before God through His sacrificial substitute. He was born to be the payment for our peace with God, because He Himself is the Prince of Peace. Narrator 2: During the Christmas season, we often repeat the angels' proclamation of, "Peace on earth!" We sing the phrase in well- known carols; it is stamped on the greeting cards we send our family and friends. It is painted on the ornaments we hang on our tree. Narrator 1: And yet, we recognize the irony, because the world seems to be less at peace now than ever before. Our communities, our cities, the nations of the world are continually at odds with each other. Individuals are not at peace, often at war with themselves. Families are not at peace. Even believers who have the Prince of Peace struggle to find rest in their souls. Narrator 2: So, where is this peace that was promised? The peace the angels proclaimed to the shepherds – where do we find that? Narrator 1: If we are looking at our circumstances, we will not find peace. If we are looking to others to help create the peace we desire, we will be disappointed. If we seek this peace in our govern- ment through elected officials, we will become disillusioned, at best. Narrator 2: The Peace that was offered is peace with God; a bridge where there once was a divide. We can have peace from our past because of a substitute Lamb. Narrator 1: We can have peace in our circumstances, because this Lamb dwells within us, and HE is our peace on earth. Song: "Where Is Peace Tonight?" For Preview Only

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