New Christmas Musicals

Peace Has Come by Mary McDonald

Christmas Musicals for Church

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84 46521 VOICE ONE: VOICE TWO: VOICE ONE: VOICE TWO: VOICES ONE & TWO: CHOIR: *VOICE ONE: (Music begins) * Closing prayer is optional. Mary and Joseph were initially troubled, but eventually found peace. Shepherds on a hillside were trembling with fear, but were told to "fear not." It was only God who brought them true peace through the advent of His Son. The world promises peace but always fails to deliver real, abiding peace Most people's pursuit of peace is only an attempt to get away from problems. Apart from God, there is no real peace in this world. Jesus is the Incarnation of God's ultimate peace offering to the world. (quietly) Peace has come. (joyfully) Peace has come! Whatever our life circumstances yesterday, today, or tomorrow, we rejoice in the truth of Your Light and that You sent Your Son to change the world, and us, forever. For Preview Only

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