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17 Order Toll Free! Call 1.800.345.6296 / w: jwpepper.com / e: satisfaction@jwpepper.com concert band Go to cart l Amazing Grace—Ryan Nowlin. The simple and touching melody of this famous hymn is treated to lush harmonizations and searing emotion. The tune is presented three times, each time becoming more impassioned. Original material between each statement of the hymn serves to bridge the multiple verses. After a change of key, the climax of the work is delayed and extended before the music evaporates back into its simplest and purest form. 10757609 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 55.00 l Amber Skies—Jonathan McBride. A uniquely lyrical and moving work, especially for this grade level. Sweet, simple melodies and countermelodies combine to create a contemplative and sensitive work, while ranges and rhythms are kept manageable so students can focus on an expressive and musical performance. The writing is in a style that ensures a meaningful and accessible performance that your students will be proud of. 10758893 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 49.00 l At Peace—Matt Conaway. Bands at all levels now have an opportunity to show their sensitive side. Memorable themes, carefully balanced with very playable phrasing and doublings, make an expressive performance possible for bands with limited instrumentation. Simplicity of rhythm and range makes this accessible to very young bands, while rich sonorities and expression create a mature- sounding performance. 10758831 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 55.00 l At Sunset—Kurtis J. Bertauche. The beautiful light and colors of sunset are the inspiration for this piece. Just as sunsets can paint the most vivid hues of orange and yellow, the careful scoring and textures create varied and appealing sonic colors throughout. The legato styling compliments the warm harmonies, maintaining a delicate and sonorous sound from start to finish. 10763087 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 49.00 l Blessings—Robert W. Smith. Based on the hymn The Doxology written in 1674, this lyrical and sensitive arrangement for beginning band provides multiple teaching opportunities in a rich musical setting. The first melodic statement is exchanged between soloists or sections, creating an awareness between sections of the band, while the second melodic statement contrasts with a lush full-ensemble setting. The use of mixed meter in an accessible and musically logical manner reinforces teaching concepts, creating a beautiful and educational program choice. 10758973 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 45.00 l Celtic Lullaby—arr. Todd Phillips. Add an international flair to your next concert with this inspired piece based upon the old Irish folk song Carrickfergus, recorded by many popular artists over the years. Your musicians will enjoy playing the lyrical melody as it moves throughout the band. A wide variety of percussion instruments are employed to complete the appealing Celtic flavor for a lovely melodic selection. 10758805 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 55.00 l Cotton Candy Lullaby—Thom Sharp. Conservative ranges, easy rhythms, and a beautiful melody make this work an ideal training piece for your young band. There are only two styles of articulation, the melody appears in every wind part, and harmonies are simple yet effective in this most appealing and playable selection. 10738784 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 45.00 4 Daydreams—Rob Romeyn. Simple and elegant, this is a rare example of musicality and sensitivity uncommon at this grade level. A beautiful, memorable melody is presented amid a flowing countermelody while moving through a variety of textures and colors. Reinforcing phrasing as well as blend and dynamic shaping, it's an outstanding lyrical selection for young bands that will provide a touching moment at any concert or festival performance. 10758963 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . B 45.00 l A Festival Chime—Gustav Holst/ arr. Douglas E. Wagner. This characteristically delightful Holst theme has been freely arranged and incorporates elements of his original score. Additional material is added to heighten the musical interest and appeal. While chimes are an important part of this setting, alternate options are listed if chimes aren't available. 10733567 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 51.00 l Gently, I Wander—Robert Sheldon. This musical escape will take your audience to a quiet, peaceful place. Simple, melodically elegant lines combine with rich harmonies and counterpoint to provide an uplifting moment of repose. Refreshing! 10739075 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 49.00 l Goin' Home—arr. Nathan Hervey. This beautiful melody is best known as the Largo Theme of Anton Dvorak's "New World" symphony. The famous melody has been rescored here in an exceptionally rich and expressive setting for young band. A great way to introduce your young musicians to the music of classical literature. 10755007 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 62.00 l The Greatest Gift—Timothy Loest. Explore memorable themes, extensive colors, lush harmonies and lyrical phrases that characterize this expressive and emotional work. While written for young musicians, this piece provides an equally expressive and musical selection for mature ensembles as well. Colorful and extremely musical, it makes an effective contrast for your next program. 10758239 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 45.00 l Hawk Moon—Brian Bankston. This graceful waltz provides the setting for an imaginary flight through the night sky. A lyrical blend of melody and countermelody are expertly orchestrated to allow developing musicians to focus on playing with expression and passion. This work gives your students excellent educational opportunities to develop their musicality and maturity, a strong addition to your band library. 10758937 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 60.00 l Highlander Lullaby—arr. David Myers. Based on the Scottish folk song Loch Lomond, this gorgeous arrangement paints a lovely musical portrait of the picturesque lake at the foot of the mountain Ben Lomond. Woodwind tremolos are used to represent the shimmering waters of the loch, and the evolving and evocative scoring transports the listener to a truly magic land. A great way to show off the many facets of your band's musicality. 10758287 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 50.00 l In Grandfather's Arms—James Meredith. Feel the warmth of a grandfather's embrace and experience the sense of awe when holding a cherished grandchild with this heartfelt composition. This warm selection for developing bands emphasizes musical expression, phrasing, and dynamics in conveying the emotions of this special experience. Your low voices will appreciate the opportunity to be featured with the key melody. 10759647 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 60.00 l In Unity—Bruce Tippette. Evoke images of togetherness, peace, and a true sense of unity with this inspirational piece. Stirring melodic lines lyrically enter and combine, culminating with upper woodwinds and trumpet playing in unison as they literally unite for a climactic conclusion. 10739079 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 55.00 4 The Lullaby in the Mirror— Richard L. Saucedo. The composer wrote this moving work after recognizing the need for well- paced lyric pieces for young players. Heartfelt and touching, it features a mournful melody that winds its way through a variety of moods and colors and will stay in your memory long after the music has ended. 10759403 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 55.00 l Memories from Another Time—Jeremy Bell. You'll evoke welcome feelings of nostalgia and serenity when you perform this gently flowing work. The musical qualities include numerous teaching moments for young musicians including lyric playing, balance, and blend. Low brass and woodwind melodies create additional opportunities for part independence and expression. 10739085 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 48.00 l Paradise Awaiting?—William Owens. This sensitive work about loss includes musical expressions of great spirit and joy. The gentle opening mood gradually gives way to an upbeat and energetic melody that playfully passes throughout the ensemble in the form of several variations. Eventually the music settles down into a sense of calm, ending with a single delicate note that fades to silence. 10758219 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 50.00 l The Sea of Eternity—Jeremy Bell. The somber and majestic music conveys a strong feeling of hope and peacefulness. The flowing nature of the melody, combined with sounds of the ocean creates a sense of calm wonder, suggesting the vast size and emptiness of the sea. A haunting and evocative teaching piece that develops phrasing, blend and balance. 10758837 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 55.00 l Spring Unfolding—Peter Terry. A musical celebration of the change of season from the dark of winter to the anticipation of spring. The piece begins with a contemplative opening before diving into a lilting and tuneful 3/4 melody. Delightfully unique, this piece is a bright and cheery addition to beginning band literature. 10759589 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 55.00 4 Such Small Things—Nathan Daughtrey. A touching work written as a gift by the composer to his baby daughter. The sweeping ballad simultaneously celebrates the anticipation of life and the joy that her life has brought into the world. Sparkling percussion and rich brass and woodwinds make this a real treat for the listener. 10739186 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 70.00 4 Sweet Little One—Dominic Dousa. This touching lullaby uses a melody that the composer sang to his son during the first few weeks of the baby's life. Marked by warmth, radiance, and simplicity, the music reflects the wonder and beauty of a precious newborn. Moving eighth-note lines in inner voices add to the drama and forward motion of this very expressive work for young band. 10758295 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 65.00 4 A Time to Reflect—James Swearingen. "Musically stunning" best describes this reflective ballad from the pen of this noted composer. Brilliantly scored as one would expect, it serves as the perfect opportunity to teach expressive playing while combining memorable themes with rich and lush harmonies. Be sure to include this wonderfully expressive gem on your next concert. 10758889 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 49.00 4 Trust—Douglas E. Wagner. Confidence, belief, hope, reliance - the very definition of the title is represented by the music of this resolute piece. Written in triple meter, the introspective melody reinforces the concept of balance while the variety of timbres are seamlessly interwoven within the rich harmonies. 10733621 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 51.00 4 Waterdrops Come Spring—Richard L. Saucedo. Using very modest ranges and easy rhythms with no syncopation, the composer has created this tender lyric piece that evokes the beauty of nature as the season turns to spring. Perfect for teaching the basics of good musicianship: good tone, breath support, and phrasing. 10759556 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . VE 45.00 4 Wind Song—Robert W. Smith. Featuring a melody that is simple, gentle and memorable, here is a lyrical work for developing bands. Each section of the band is actively engaged in this warm, artistic musical experience, complete with teaching opportunities throughout. Suitable for both festival and concert performances. 10758945 Band Set & Score. . . . . . . . . . E 60.00 ELEMENTARY LYRIC SELECTIONS Elevate the musicianship of your young band with these great new pieces that teach phrasing, balance, intonation & musicality.

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