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65 Order Toll Free! Call 1.800.345.6296 / w: jwpepper.com / e: satisfaction@jwpepper.com concert band Go to cart Concert and Contest Selections medium-advanced / Warm-Ups / Pop & Show Selections beginning & very easy TritticoVaclav Nelhybel. This monumental work has been a classic since its release 30 years ago. Out of print for some time, it is available again, and no quality library should be without it. 91355 Band Set & Score . . . . . . . . 85.00 4980504 Full Score . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.00 H Variations on AmericaCharles Ives/arr. Schuman. Long a standard work in the repertoire of the modern concert band, this intriguing work by Charles Ives gained a new dimension of popularity from its use as theme music on the C.B.S. television series "The American Parade." 694083 Band Set & Score . . . . . . . 135.00 4597092 Condensed Score . . . . . . . . . 7.50 4845749 Additional Score . . . . . . . . . 20.00 10590669 Additional Oversized Score . 45.00 n Vientos Y TangosMichael Gandolfi. This multi-faceted modern composition presents us with snapshots of the history of the tango, melding together the many moods and emotions associated with this classic musical style! A fascinating use of tone color and dynamic instrumentation make this a welcome addition to any program for advanced bands. 2477726 Band Set & Score . . . . . . . 125.00 2477727 Full Score . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95 Warm-Ups All Levels H Basic Band Warm-UpsSandy Feldstein & John O'Reilly. A perfect warm-up collection for your beginning band! Keep it in your band folio and use it for scale studies, intonation practice, technique patterns and more. 2167237 Band Set & Score . . . . . VE 45.00 n Chorale Warm Ups for Young Bandsarr. Sandy Feldstein & Larry Clark. A collection of warm-up chorales that build musicianship, tone quality, intonation, balance and blend in a young band. The chorales used are popular hymns or songs scored for younger groups to build confidence and improve the overall sound of your band. The perfect way to improve legato and lyrical playing and the musicianship of your ensemble. 10071424 Band Set & Score . . . . . . E 50.00 Concert Band ClinicRobert W. Smith. The third in a series of four progressive, in-depth and highly effective warm-up programs developed by Robert W. Smith and used with every honor band he guest conducts. Highly organized, each Band Clinic contains four segments: tone, technique, theory and composition, and a chorale; they will accomplish your warm-up needs and support teaching objectives. 2481090 Band Set & Score . . . . . M 75.00 Developing Band ClinicRobert W. Smith. Developed by Robert W. Smith and used with honor bands he conducts, this is the second in a series of four highly organized and effective band warm- ups. Each clinic contains four segments: tone, technique, theory and composition, and a chorale. Printed on standard student parts, the clinics are designed to meet your warm-up needs and support your teaching objectives. 2481075 Band Set & Score . . . . ME 62.00 Eight Chorales for Elementary BandQuincy Hilliard. This collection of eight original, beautifully orchestrated chorales are complete with piano accompaniment that may be used for rehearsal. The short, eight-measure selections are great for working on intonation and breath control, and to use as warm-ups for your band. Many of the chorales can even be performed by beginning band members! 2477559 Band Set & Score . . . . . VE 50.00 First Band ClinicRobert W. Smith. The first in a series of four band warm-ups, each at a different level of difficulty and printed on student parts to easily fit in a concert band folder. Developed and used with honor bands by Robert W. Smith, each level includes four segments: tone, technique, theory and composition, and a chorale, all in a highly organized and comprehensive format. These clinics are designed to meet your warm-up needs and support your teaching objectives. 2481061 Band Set & Score . . . . . . E 55.00 H Five Minutes a Day (Warm-Up, Technique & Tuning Exercise)Andy Clark. Get your band started off right during the first five minutes of each rehearsal with this three-part warm-up and tuning exercise. Part one is a chorale designed to get the lips vibrating and the horns warmed up. Part two is a scale and technique exercise that takes your students through six different keys and gets the fingers and tongues working. The final section is a tuning exercise designed to help your students learn to listen and adjust their instruments accordingly. A wonderful way to start your rehearsals with minimal muss and fuss and maximum learning! 2247872 Band Set & Score . . . . . . E 48.00 Five Progressive Chorales for Developing Bands Brian Balmages. Introduce a wide range of musical concepts, including ensemble sound, intonation and phrasing, to your young band with this set of chorales. Each chorale includes various tempo and dynamic markings, while additional elements are progressively introduced. This set is useable over several years with first-time players to accomplished middle school bands. 10044254 Band Set & Score . . . . . . E 45.00 l Fundamentals for Ensemble Development Harry Blake. This practical set of 33 warm-up exercises will assist in improving the tone, rhythm, and tuning of developing ensembles. Includes mini scales, tone builders, lip benders, flexibilities, articulation exercises, tongue twisters, and chorales. Created to help improve ensembles' overall performance skills. 10755005 Band Set & Score . . . . . . E 75.00 n Fundamentals for Ensemble Development Quincy C. Hilliard. A daily routine to develop strong performance techniques within your ensemble. Includes: Concert Warm-Up; Diatonic Drill; Scale Pattern; Lip Flexibility; Breathing Exercise; Chorale. 10521376 Band Set & Score . . . . . VE 62.00 H Great Warm-Ups for Young BandsBruce Pearson. A superb variety-pack of warm-ups guaranteed to make your band a better band! Usable by bands in grades VE, E and ME, the exercises include: Chop Builders; Technique Builders; Articulation Builders; Ear Trainers; Tuning Exercises; Concert Scales; Chorales and more. You'll be amazed at the improvement in your band's musicianship when you use this exceptional set! 2444362 Band Set & Score . . . . . . E 60.00 n Lip BendersRay Cramer. Eleven warm-up exercises designed to provide great flexibility in how you use them. They are not technically demanding, and can be used in very creative ways to help sensitize your ensemble so they will respond to your various conducting gestures. 2381069 Band Set & Score . . . . ME 69.00 H Rhythm Builders for Developing Bands James Curnow. Your program will definitely improve with this set of 14 studies designed to aid in the teaching and development of good rhythmic reading abilities! These carefully crafted musical mini-compositions begin with simple time signatures and rhythms and work to more complex rhythms and meters. Musically rewarding, these pieces are meant to be studied on a daily basis, and will help your students develop basic rhythmic skills. 2380426 Band Set & Score . . . . . . E 69.00 n Scale Preps for Beginning BandMike Hannickel. The only problem with having beginning level bands play their scales is that all the sections can't yet play a scale! Mike Hannickel offers this sensible warm-up collection that lets students begin developing listening and technique skills through scale performance by using the portions of the scales they can play. Scales and intervals in the keys of Bb, Eb and F are introduced, all without the clarinets having to cross the break or the trumpets having to ascend an octave. This makes lots of sense for young musicians! 2474907 Band Set & Score . . . B-VE 54.00 n Sight Reading Builders for Developing Bands James Curnow. Part of the Essentials of Musicianship series, Sight-Reading Builders for Developing Bands presents 14 short pieces to help students learn this very important, but often under-practiced, skill. The pieces are arranged in progressive order of difficulty and explore a variety of styles, tempos, dynamic contrasts, key changes, and changes in meter. Students will be appropriately challenged through all the early grade levels, and conductors will find this collection makes it easy and convenient to practice this essential musical skill. 10015606 Band Set & Score . . . E-ME 69.00 n Sight Reading StudiesJames Curnow. Though not a favorite of all students, sight-reading is a fact of musical life. So what better way to inspire them than with this all-encompassing collection? Fun and engaging exercises range from the easy through medium levels, and thanks to a great arranging effort, your students will hardly notice they are learning. This is sure to help your band grow to musical maturity. 2702030 Band Set & Score . . . E -M 79.00 Symphonic Band ClinicRobert W. Smith. This is the fourth in a series of four progressive, in-depth and highly organized warm-up programs developed and used by Robert W. Smith. Highly organized, each clinic contains four segments: tone, technique, theory and composition, and a chorale; and will effectively meet your warm-up needs and support your teaching objectives. 2481094 Band Set & Score . . . . MA 87.00 H Tone Builders for Developing BandsJames Curnow. Exceptionally useful! This collection of 24 etudes is specifically designed to help develop good individual and ensemble tone production and intonation. Citing tone production as one of the most important facets of good playing, Jim Curnow starts beginning players with material they have learned in their beginning method books, and then moves on to new and more advanced concepts. A great aid for your program! 2352292 Band Set & Score . . . . . . E 69.00 H Tone Studies for BandJames Curnow. This exceptionally useful set will help you to improve some of the areas of performance that are often so lacking in today's bands: tone production; intonation; musical line; blend and balance. Jim Curnow's belief that good tone production is at the root of all good playing prompted him to write this set of studies that focus on this concept, and at the same time are interesting to play! 2315331 Band Set & Score . . . . . . E 69.00 Warm-Up FundamentalsGregg Gausline & Brian Balmages. This set of warm-ups was conceived as a tool for directors to use as part of a daily ensemble routine. It covers important fundamental concepts such as breathing, long tones, interval slurs, articulation, flexibility, chords and chorales. Each section breaks concepts down to their most fundamental elements before integrating them together. This gradual approach to the ensemble warm-up helps extend the practical applications of these exercises well into rehearsals and performances. 10279600 Band Set & Score . . . . ME 70.00 Pop and Show Selections Beginning & Very Easy Band 25 or Six to Fourarr. Michael Story. One of biggest hits from the jazz-rock band Chicago, it has endured the test of time. This carefully written arrangement will make your band sound huge while bringing this classic pop tune to life for your beginners! 10279780 Band Set & Score . . . . . VE 56.00 All About That Bassarr. Robert Longfield. You couldn't ask for a better title to feature your low brass section! They'll especially love this arrangement as they get to take the lead on this pop hit recorded by Meghan Trainor. The entire band will have a blast as they get to rock out on this super-popular chart. 10556813 Band Set & Score . . . . . . B 40.00 n All About That Bassarr. Victor Lopez. With a catchy melody and an infectious groove, this pop tune definitely has a refreshing bit of a '50s and '60s doo-wop feel that makes it really stand out. The throwback soul beat, the body-positive message couched in a cute musical metaphor, and its dance-filled, candy-colored video, have made it a straight-up pop phenomenon loved by today's pop culture. 10496229 Band Set & Score . . . . . VE 55.00 n Am I Wrongarr. Victor Lopez. A perfect selection to teach counting and rhythm, this soul- infused tune features distinctive African rhythms and a unique world music twist. Students and audiences can embrace world culture with this entertaining and popular hit. 10496231 Band Set & Score . . . . . VE 55.00 Any Way You Want Itarr. Michael Story. This tune is high on the list of rock fans everywhere! Set in a straightforward arrangement for beginning bands, you'll add another generation of fans with this rock classic. 10094800 Band Set & Score . . . . . VE 56.00 l The Avengersarr. Robert Longfield. Featuring dark sonorities and a driving rhythmic pulse, here is an exciting movie theme carefully arranged for second-year players. The flavor of the original is effectively captured in this easy arrangement so young players can perform music from this popular action movie. 10681431 Band Set & Score . . . . . VE 45.00 n BadMichael Jackson/arr. Johnnie Vinson. Among the long list of pop hits created by the legendary Michael Jackson, this has to rate at the very top! Expertly scored at the very easy level, this is ideal for young musicians! 10427517 Band Set & Score . . . . . VE 40.00 " anks for all your dedication to the music industry!" — Karen Borow, Band Director Winfield, IL

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