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49 Order Toll Free! Call 1.800.345.6296 / w: jwpepper.com / e: satisfaction@jwpepper.com jazz ensemble Go to cart Ballads medium to advanced H Back in TimePat Metheny/arr. Bob Curnow. Pat Metheny is known for his beautiful melodies, and Back in Time is no exception. Featuring a flugelhorn or trumpet soloist throughout on a written-out solo with chords included for improvisation, this arrangement is very playable by the ensemble with its moderate ranges. Originally recorded on the reissued Secret Story CD, this arrangement is a great addition to Bob Curnow's continuing reflection on Metheny's music. Beautiful melody, beautiful chart! 10368493 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 55.00 n BlueBobby Shew/arr. Gordon Brisker. This gorgeous ballad that features trumpet or flugelhorn is now available to your band. Written in memory of Blue Mitchell, this tune was recorded by Louie Bellson on London Scene. Not only does it feature your soloist, it shows the depth of your band as a whole, from the majestic introduction to the muted trumpet accompaniment figures. 2203685 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 56.00 Body and Soularr. Matt Harris. You simply cannot go wrong with this Matt Harris chart on this great jazz ballad ideally set as a tenor sax solo feature! The tempo is about 98 bpm with the tenor solo written and improvised. It's lush, has a nice texture with flugelhorns, and the lead trumpet range is to written G on top of the staff. It's beautiful... enough said! 10513913 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 52.00 Body and SoulJohnny Green/arr. Dave Wolpe. There's no better way to feature your alto soloist than with this arrangement! It's one of the most important ballads in the jazz repertoire, and Dave's chart brings out all of its lush beauty. A big, expansive double-time section gives your soloist a chance to improvise before returning to ballad tempo for the dramatic ending. Highly recommended! 2472239 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 60.00 n Bridge Over Troubled WaterPaul Simon/ arr. Alan Baylock. Arranger Alan Baylock delivers his distinctive, lush and in-demand ballad style to this wonderful song in a more contemporary setting. It's set at 92 bpm, there are no individual solos, just delicious harmony throughout. The trumpet section frequently carries the melody and the lead trumpet range is to written high C. There are optional parts included plus vibraphone for expanded instrumentations. Sensational ballad! Highly recommended! 10355580 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 52.00 H A Child Is BornThad Jones. Composed and arranged by Thad Jones, this is an absolutely gorgeous ballad in 3/4 that is a "must" for any good jazz library! It's one of the most "tasteful" jazz charts ever written! 543421 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 48.00 n Come SundayDuke Ellington/arr. John Fedchock. Now in print for the first time, this was originally written in 1987 for the Richard Stoltzman album titled Ebony, featuring the Woody Herman Big Band. Duke Ellington's Come Sunday featured Stoltsman as a clarinet soloist. John Fedchock modified it sometime later to make it a baritone saxophone solo feature and added a trombone 4 part to cover the original baritone sax part. Fedchock's chart is absolutely gorgeous, featuring lush harmonies, a few woodwind doubles, beautiful ensemble sections, and a double-time section for the ensemble. The baritone sax solo is both written and improvised and features a wonderful cadenza at the end. Highly recommended! 10517469 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . A 65.00 Crystal SilenceChick Corea/arr. Mike Tomaro. Recorded in 1972, Chick Corea's Return to Forever album is recognized as one of the landmark albums of jazz fusion. Along with the jazz standard La Fiesta, the mesmerizing ballad introduced on this album was Crystal Silence. Mike Tomaro does an outstanding job of maintaining the ethereal and lush qualities of the original in this marvelous setting for jazz ensemble. A stunning choice for contests and festivals! 10317237 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 50.00 4 A Day at StanhopeNeil Yorke-Slader. Here's one of Neil Yorke-Slader's most imaginative compositions! The introductory chorale paints a beautiful picture of the sun rising over the north coast of Prince Edward Island. Switching gears smoothly, it moves into a piano ostinato, followed by mesmerizing trombone scoring that evokes waves, followed by the featured and hauntingly beautiful soprano saxophone solo that is both written and improvised. Optional solo parts are included for tenor saxophone and clarinet. The rhythm section parts are fully notated, and the written brass ranges are to C6 (optional F6) for trumpet and G4 for trombone. Here is a wonderful change-of-pace chart! 10734968 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 50.00 Day DreamEllington & Strayhorn/ed. Jeff Lindberg. Day Dream is a beautiful alto saxophone ballad feature by the genius of Billy Strayhorn. The tempo is around 72 bpm and the instrumentation is five saxes, one trumpet, three trombones, piano, bass, and drums. This has been edited and adapted by Jeff Lindberg and is presented in authentic and exacting detail. Simply wonderful! 10593797 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . A 70.00 n Early Blue EveningAndy Farber. Andy Farber is a master at composing beautiful ballads, and this one is pure jazz! Fully featuring an alto sax soloist with outstanding melodic content, there is a slow, nostalgic feel here with just a hint of blueness. The solo part is fully written with opportunities for improvising around the melody and is supported by tasty brass backgrounds and lush soli sections. Early Blue Evening is a wonderful feature for the whole band as well as the soloist. Beautiful! 10518307 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 48.00 Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)Santana & Coster/arr. Eric Richards. One of Carlos Santana's more memorable compositions is this instrumental hit from 1976. Along with Santana's own recording, the version by saxophonist Gato Barbieri also became a hit that same year. This solo feature for tenor saxophone features a haunting melody and the sensual style of the original and is authentically recreated in this version for full jazz ensemble. The tenor solo is a combination of written melodies with options for improvisation. Here's a great way to feature your star tenor player! 10625167 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 55.00 n God Bless the ChildHerzog & Holiday/ arr. Sammy Nestico. Here's the trombone solo/ section feature you've been looking for! This great jazz standard, first popularized by co-writer and singer Billie Holiday, is an ideal solo/soli vehicle for trombones. Sammy's chart is not only lush and beautiful, but it makes perfect sense! 2261535 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 50.00 n Goodbye Pork Pie HatCharles Mingus/arr. Andrew Homzy. This beautiful arrangement of Charles Mingus' signature ballad features altos and trumpets playing the melody off the top, then later adds the entire ensemble. Sample written solos are provided for the short solo or soli spots for trumpet and trombone and there are also notated piano voicings and bass lines. Here is a more accessible version of this lovely tune that will be a great introduction to the music of Mingus for developing players. Optional parts are also included for flute, clarinet and F horn. A jazz classic that is highly recommended! 10005177 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 50.00 n GraceJones & Lubbock/arr. Quincy Jones & Sammy Nestico. From the acclaimed CD Basie & Beyond comes this emotional ballad for tenor or soprano sax that will touch the hearts of performers and audiences alike. Lush chords and a tender piano introduction set the mood, and the rest is simply sensational. Nice! 2454171 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 60.00 n Harlem NocturneEarle Hagen/arr. Mike Tomaro. This standard from the 1940s has been recorded countless times and remains a staple in the jazz literature. Mike Tomaro's creative treatment shines new and invigorating light on the tune, with a contemporary shuffle groove and fresh harmonies. Solos for alto sax and piano will round out your performance with class and style! 2472884 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 50.00 A Hefti Dose of BasiePatrick Williams. Here's one of those outstanding charts where the title vividly describes the contents. Paying homage to the great Neal Hefti and the iconic Count Basie Orchestra, Patrick Williams has composed a chart that is the epitome of taste and restraint. It's a wonderful ballad with a trumpet 2 improvised solo. There are no technical issues, but the challenge is the slow tempo at around 74 bpm. Once the tempo and style are mastered, it practically plays itself. This is a beautiful change-of-pace chart for many bands. Highly recommended! 10593795 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 80.00 H Here's that Rainy DayJimmy Van Heusen/arr. Dee Barton. The famous version as performed by the Stan Kenton Band! 2364370 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 55.00 I Can't Get StartedVernon Duke/arr. Victor Goines. Every student of jazz should have an opportunity to play this beautiful jazz ballad. Done here as a trumpet solo feature, it receives a more contemporary treatment than usual, but retains all the character and beauty of the original. The trumpet solo is completely notated with changes provided for ornamentation and improvisation. The 2nd trumpet range goes to written F sharp on the top line and the lead trumpet range is to written G sharp above the staff. An effective chart for every library, this is a great feature in a true jazz style! 10011967 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 52.00 n I Remember CliffordBenny Golson/arr. Sammy Nestico. Benny Golson's tribute to Clifford Brown has been a jazz favorite for years, and in the hands of Sammy Nestico you won't find a better flugelhorn feature. Absolutely gorgeous! 2249365 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 50.00 I'm Getting Sentimental Over YouGeorge Bassman/arr. Rick Hirsch. Here's a wonderful update of Tommy Dorsey's classic theme song. It's totally playable by high school jazz bands, yet it also sounds great with college and professional groups. It's written as a trombone feature throughout (with optional solo parts included for B-flat and E-flat instruments), although super-high Dorsey-esque chops are not required. The solo is mostly written with a section of improvising around the melody and ad lib fills at the end. Alternate solo parts for trumpet and saxophone are included, as well as optional parts for Clarinet, Flute, Vibes, and French Horn (doubling the Trombone 1 part). The bass and piano parts are fully notated. An outstanding ballad feature for any program! 10371015 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 58.00 H In a Sentimental MoodDuke Ellington/arr. Mike Tomaro. Here's a chart that everyone should get to know! Duke Ellington's classic ballad is the perfect opportunity to feature your star tenor sax player. With flowing melodies and a lush orchestration, this is the perfect ballad for contests or festivals. 2406312 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 50.00 n IsfahanEllington & Strayhorn/arr. Alan Baylock. This is the alto sax ballad feature you have been looking for! Put together the brilliant composers Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington with superb arranger Alan Baylock, and you will have an outstanding musical experience. This chart is not technically difficult, but it's lush and full of moving lines and nuances. The lead trumpet range is to written A above the staff, there is no improvisation for the alto soloist, just the beautiful Strayhorn melody! Optional expanded instrumentation. 10071902 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . M 58.00 Lifelong FriendsKris Berg. Kris Berg has composed a beautiful, sensitive and mature solo feature for B-flat, E-flat instruments or trombone. The ensemble is equally important in this setting at around 74 bpm that transitions from the ballad style to a double-time section with the soloist and then back to the ballad style. While the solo part is written, there are ample opportunities for improvisation. The lead trumpet range is to written high C. This is an outstanding chart and ideal vehicle for your advanced soloist. 10513940 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . MA 60.00 BEST SELLERS Ballads Medium Buy with confidence! These works, listed in order of their popularity, are chosen most often by directors. Over the Rainbow— Harold Arlen/arr. Alan Baylock. 10093177 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . . . 52.00 10093177E Jazz Ensemble ePrint. . . . . . . 52.00 A Child Is Born—Thad Jones. 543421 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . . . 48.00 Pure Imagination (from "Wille Wonka and the Chocolate Factory")— Bricusse & Newley/arr. Craig Skeffington. 10068800 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . . . 52.00 10068800E Jazz Ensemble ePrint. . . . . . . 48.00 Angel Eyes—Matt Dennis/arr. Dave Wolpe. 10303786 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . . . 52.00 God Bless the Child— Herzog & Holiday/arr. Sammy Nestico. 2261535 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . . . 50.00 In a Sentimental Mood— Duke Ellington/arr. Mike Tomaro. 2406312 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . . . 50.00 Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)— Santana & Coster/arr. Eric Richards. 10625167 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . . . 55.00 10625167E Jazz Ensemble ePrint. . . . . . . 55.00 Skylark—Hoagy Carmichael/arr. Dave Wolpe. 2701970 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . . . 60.00 2701970E Jazz Ensemble ePrint. . . . . . . 55.00 To You—Thad Jones/arr. Mike Carubia. 10607114 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . . . 50.00 Back in Time—Pat Metheny/arr. Bob Curnow. 10368493 Jazz Ensemble . . . . . . . . . . . . 55.00 Teach the essentials of jazz composition and improvisation! THE ESSENTIAL JAZZ HARMONY BOOK For All Instrumentalists and Arrangers Dan Haerle. Jazz has evolved its own harmony apart from other genres of music. In order to improvise and compose in the idiom, a basic understanding of this harmony, how chords move and connect with each other, is essential. In this book, noted author and educator Dan Haerle explains all the fundamental chord/ scale theory and harmony you need to know. At the end of the book are voicings to over 20 standard chord progressions so that you can clearly see and hear how the various rules apply in real world situations. Written for all musicians, no keyboard skills are required, but knowing the names of the notes on a keyboard will be helpful. 10590270 Spiral-Bound Book . . 17.95

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