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Jesus! The Resurrection of the Messiah

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2 55/1188-89L-2 Words from the writers Admittedly, my approach to life has always leaned toward the philosophical. I like ideas. I like to hold them up to the light and examine them. It's one of the ways God meets me, teaches me. But there comes a time when ideas must take on flesh, when the 'thought' of something must become the actual 'doing' of something. is is where I can begin to struggle. How does an idea become reality? And when it does, does it even remotely look like my lofty ideas? Wasn't that the problem with Jesus? God's best plan would be carried out by His flesh and blood Son, and He didn't look at all like we expected. With the exception of a select few, we missed His intent entirely. We couldn't fathom how a shameful cross could make everything new. And yet, He came and carried out the work anyway; God making Himself vulnerable to His creation. e resurrection of Jesus changed the world and continues to change the world today. Jesus! e Resurrection of the Messiah tells the intimate story of that struggle; the grief, the fear, the hope, the love, the tenderness and the longing of God for His children. Nothing to me is more humbling than to have the opportunity to talk about Him, whom my heart loves. To tell it in story and song with gifted friends is one of the great and happy unexpected gifts of my life. As you read this, know that you have been prayed over and you are loved by your Father beyond your wildest imagination. Rejoice! Sin's winter is past and Jesus is Lord! —Rose Aspinall e events that took place the week leading up to Christ's crucifixion revealed the capricious nature of the human heart. Within a few days, those who cheered His entrance into Jerusalem jeered at His crucifixion on the cross. Most of the disciples who shared His last meal would abandon Him in His hour of trial. ough we were not witnesses of Christ's final days, we share the blame. It was for all of our sins Christ sacrificed His life on Calvary. God's redemptive plan was unveiled through the blood of Jesus. His resurrection enabled life after earthly death for all who believe in Him and receive His grace. e narrative and music of this work will take you through the emotions of the Triumphal Entry, the raising of Lazarus, the Last Supper, the moment in the garden when Jesus is arrested, the Crucifixion and finally to the joyous Resurrection. is 45-minute work may be programmed in its entirety or shared in part throughout Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Resurrection Sunday. Share the message with choir and piano alone or include the optional orchestrations by Michael Lawrence and Ed Hogan. May your heart be receptive to this One who gave all to open the gates of heaven for all who believe in this Deliverer, Redeemer, and Savior….Jesus! —Mary McDonald From the Publisher Some of the cover-art images and graphics from this work are available as free downloads. We hope that you can use them to assist in the making of your bulletins, posters, flyers, website and email announcements, and in any other way that's within your organization and in conjunction with performances of this work. To access these files, please visit www.lorenz.com/downloads and navigate to the desired folder. PC users should right click and choose "Save Target As…" and Macintosh users should click and hold the link, then choose "Save Target As…" We have provided standard file formats that should be usable in most page layout or word processing software. Due to the vast number of differences in computer system setups, we are unable to provide technical support for downloadable images/graphics by either phone or email. For Preview Only

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