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2 47223 MR. PFISTER'S CHRISTMAS TIME TRAVELERS A Musical Adventure for Young Voices By Michael and Jill Gallina CAST COSTUME SUGGESTIONS SET AND PROP SUGGESTIONS STAGING SUGGESTIONS Narrator Narrator Eccentric fix-it man (pronounced "Fister") Likes sports and his iPhone Bright and inquisitive Wishing for the true spirit of Christmas African explorer African missionary Joseph, Mary (optional: Wise Men, Shepherds) Tick: Tock: Mr. Phineas O. Pfister (called "Pop"): Nathan: Rachel: Jenny: Mr. Stanley: Dr. Livingstone: Manger scene non-speaking parts: The above Cast can be reduced by having Tick and Tock also play the parts of Mr. Stanley and Dr. Livingstone. The Cast can be expanded by dividing and adapting Tick and Tock's lines to be spoken by several children. See "Staging Suggestions" for details. 1. Mr. Pfister can wear overalls or jeans with suspenders, plaid shirt and bowtie. He wears goggles when in the time machine. 2. Nathan, Jenny and Rachel: Traditional school clothes. 3. Narrators are dressed in white robes [sheets with a rope belt] like "father time." They can have large clock faces hanging from their necks. The clock faces are removed before they walk into the manger scene as Shepherds. 4. Mr. Stanley wears a pith helmet, khaki shirt and Bermuda shorts. 5. Dr. Livingstone has a beard, walks with a cane, wears sandals and ragged clothing. 6. Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Wise Men, etc. are in traditional Biblical costumes. 1. The time machine consists of a flat secured to two pairs of folding chairs set in a row. The chairs face center stage with the flat located on the side facing the audience. Use Velcro or some other temporary means of attaching the flat to the two folding chairs closest to the audience. The time machine is located to one side of the workshop [right or left] and is set on a diagonal to the front of the stage. 2. The workshop contains: a sign for "Open" and "Closed," a small Christmas tree [middle of workshop], a workshop table, the time machine covered with a sheet and any other workshop paraphernalia you choose to include. 3. Nathan's iPhone. 4. The toy that is fixed during the song "Mr. Pfister's Fix-It Shop." 5. While it is not required, it would be helpful to have a generic backdrop [light blue, green or gray]. 1. Additional cast members can be added by distributing the narrators' parts among them. Divide the additional cast members in half, with some delivering "Tick" lines and others delivering "Tock" lines. In some cases it will be necessary to replace singular pronouns with plural ones. 2. The narrators are located on one side of the main performance area. 3. When the time machine is activated, lights blink on and off with clanging and banging. You can pop bubble wrap to make additional sounds. Camera flashes [from off stage] can be added for a special effect [not required]. 4. In order to provide sufficient time to change from the Stanley/Livingstone scene to the manger scene, Tick and Tock should not rush the delivery of their narration. 5. The InstruTrax Accompaniment CD for this musical also contains the ambient background sounds as heard on the Listening CD for both the African jungle and Bethlehem scenes. If desired, you can use these ambient sounds during your live performance of this musical. Simply locate Track 21 (stereo) or 43 (split) ("African Jungle") and Track 22 (stereo) or 44 (split) ("Night Air") on the InstruTrax CD. Transfer those tracks to another sound source for playback during performance. Or, the sound operator can skip to those tracks during live performance and quickly fade the ambient sounds near the end of their respective scenes in order to have ample time to cue up the next song. With some practice, it's certainly possible and easy to execute it in the latter manner, but the preferred method is to have a secondary playback device for those sounds if possible. For Preview Only

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