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13 47223 [At the conclusion of the song, RACHEL again wanders around the shop. She notices something large that is covered with a sheet.] JENNY: RACHEL: [She starts to lift up the sheet, but POP stops her.] POP: [Simultaneously] RACHEL: NATHAN: JENNY: POP: RACHEL, NATHAN & JENNY: POP: [Simultaneously] RACHEL: NATHAN: JENNY: [POP removes the sheet.] JENNY: RACHEL: NATHAN: POP: RACHEL, NATHAN & JENNY: JENNY: POP: RACHEL: POP: JENNY: POP: NATHAN: RACHEL: JENNY: We love that song, Pop. But I still don't know how the Spirit of Christmas can stay around all year long. Say Pop, what's under this sheet? Oh, that's a secret! Please don't look under that sheet. Oh, come on Pop! Just a peek? Awwww, Pop…a secret? You can tell us! I really shouldn't, but I am excited about what it can do. [together, with folded hands under their chins and "puppy dog" eyes] Pleeeeease??? [giving in after a moment] Well, I suppose one little peek won't hurt. That's awesome! I love it! Great! Wow! It's a fancy bathtub! No, it's a big doghouse! It's a giant video game! It's a time machine. [in disbelief] A WHAT!!?? A time machine? Don't you think you could come up with something a bit smaller to tell time? Oh no, it doesn't tell time, it can take us back in time. Are you kidding! Have you ever tried it? Well, last week I sent my cat Casper and my dog Rusty on a test run, but when I got them back, Casper was barking and Rusty meowed! Awkward!! They're OK now. I fixed the problem and all systems are now go. Say Pop, could we give it a try? I sure would like to go back to last week and play that game over that my team lost. Great idea! And I could spend some more time on my Xbox! You guys are so shallow. Let's fly to Disneyworld! For Preview Only

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