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14 36 18 47223 [At the end of the song, the time machine rocks a little and settles down. Much to their surprise, they find themselves in the heart of Africa where the heat is unbearable. They sit in the machine wiping sweat from their foreheads and swatting away the flies. TICK and TOCK step forward to speak.] TICK: TOCK: [STANLEY enters from the opposite side of the time machine. POP gets out of the time machine and approaches him.] POP: STANLEY: [DR. LIVINGSTONE enters from the other side.] POP: STANLEY: DR. LIVINGSTONE: [STANLEY helps DR. LIVINGSTONE to walk off stage (or re-join the Choir).] JENNY: RACHEL: POP: [POP runs back to the time machine and begins typing in course alterations. The time machine rumbles and lights blink. Lights off on the time machine.] TICK: TOCK: TICK: [The time machine is again illuminated and they all step out in total amazement.] POP: JENNY: POP: [Simultaneously] NATHAN: JENNY: RACHEL: RACHEL: [During the singing of "Joy, Joy, Joy" POP, NATHAN, JENNY and RACHEL approach the manger and pay homage to Jesus.] Pop hoped this trip he wouldn't bungle, but they landed in a hot African jungle! They saw a historic moment that was from the past, when Stanley found the great missionary Livingstone at long last. [taking off his goggles] Excuse me sir. Where are we, and who are you? We're in Africa, my good man. I'm Stanley, and I've come in search of Dr. Livingstone. Here we are in 1871, and still no sign of him. [pointing toward Dr. Livingstone] Is that him? My word, I think it is! [walking toward Dr. Livingstone, they meet center stage] Dr. Livingstone, I presume? [walking with a cane and appearing sickly, reaches to shake hands with Stanley] Yes, it is I. Who are you? [calling from the time machine] Pop, we're in the wrong time and place! Well, at least we're not barking or meowing. Sit tight, and I'll recalculate our course! Despite this failed attempt they still were committed to stay on board till Pop actually did it. The night was clear, the stars were bright, they were about to see a wondrous sight! This time they landed in days of old, where they witnessed the "Greatest Story Ever Told!" Look around you at the beautiful hills and cool serene night. I see it, Pop, but I was hoping you messed up again and we landed in Disneyworld. Oh, this is much better! You're in Bethlehem at the time of our Savior's birth. This is where you're going to discover the true Spirit of Christmas. Wow! This is amazing! It's so beautiful! Look, Pop, look! Jesus – asleep in the manger. For Preview Only

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