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Rhapsody in Bluegrass

Christmas Musicals for Church

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RHAPSODY IN BLUEGRASS - SATB 2 When word and music come together, there is powerful potential. Music gives wings to message and message gives purpose to song. There is no greater example of this truth than when considering the various traditions of sacred music. From lofty oratorios and noble hymns, to folk music and simple spiritual songs, the voice of faith is encouraged when shared upon the wings of song. With the musical customs of Christmas, there is a wonderful intersection of ministry and artistry that can truly touch the heart. When we sing from this precious treasury of sacred songs, we connect with the spirit of the troubadour. We reprise our role as "storytellers," passing along our faith in tunes and texts that celebrate our faith with hopeful joy. Folk music holds a special place in the sacred lexicon, and every part of the world has its own repository of native song. This cantata is a mingling of more traditional church choral sounds with the rustic beauty of bluegrass folk music. In the joining of these two styles, I pray that something new be released into our seasonal worship gatherings. May our many voices become one song! May our differences become harmony, and may divine light decorate our hearts with the joy and grace of Christmas! Joseph M. Martin FOREWORD For Preview Only

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