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Rhapsody in Bluegrass

Christmas Musicals for Church

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RHAPSODY IN BLUEGRASS - SATB 68 NARRATOR: It sure didn't take long for the news to begin spreading about the birth of Jesus. It started in an unexpected way when a group of shepherds, keeping watch over their flocks, were dazzled by a bunch of angels. There, in the open fields, the shepherds couldn't believe their eyes. "Glory to God in the highest!" the angels shouted. "Peace to people of goodwill!" These hard- working folks received a heavenly invitation to visit the miracle. So, as fast as they could go, they went to the manger and found the holy family. Jesus, the light of the world, had come! When the shepherds left, they told everyone what they had seen. The gospel of Luke reports this way: And when they had seen this sight, they told everybody what had been said to them about the little child. And those who heard them were amazed at what the shepherds said. Then the shepherds went back to work, glorifying and praising God for everything that they had heard and seen. Luke 2:17-18 (adapted) For Preview Only

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